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The Fishing Report - Byron Begley - This has been a confusing year for fly anglers. Spring came early. The good news is we have plenty of water in East Tennessee and Western North Carolina.  Rainfall is above normal.  Stream flows in the Smokies have nearly always remained higher than usual this year.  Adding to our enthusiasm and to the excitement of the fish, the weather has been abnormally warm.  Hatches started much earlier than in most years.  Trout and Smallmouth bass reacted to the warmer water with an active metabolism and the need for food.  Fishing has been very good.  It is cold right now and fishing may slow down temporarily.
Beginner Fly Fishing Classes - If you would like to learn this sport or if you know someone who would, Little River Outfitters is a great place to start.  We have been holding our beginner fly fishing classes for 17 years, every Spring through the Fall.  Our instructors are all graduates of the Joan Wulff Instructors School in New York.  We know how to teach fly fishing using the correct methods.   We take our teaching seriously.  We have two classes, Day 1 and Day 2.  You can take them together on a weekend or start with Day 1 and wait to see if this is the sport for you.  We furnish all equipment so just bring some sunglasses and a rain jacket.  Our school could be the beginning of your journey into fly fishing. 
Lefty Kreh Teaching Fly Fishing at Troutfest

Join us in Townsend, Tennessee for the greatest outdoor fly fishing exposition on earth.  Troutfest will be held May 18th through the 20th.  We are getting close.  This years headliners include Lefty Kreh, Bob Clouser, Jason Borger, Anthony Hipps, Zach Matthews and many other talented anglers who will be sharing their fly fishing skills with you. 

The Banquet Auction will be held Friday night the 18th.  Dinner will be served under the big tent as usual.  Then more fun begins, the Auction.  There will be many items in the auction but there are two that are very special.  One is a bamboo fly rod made by Walter Babb specifically for Troutfest.  When you see this rod you will want it. We will also auction a float trip for smallmouth bass for Monday May 21st.  Your guide will be Josh Pfeiffer.  Your fishing buddy will be Lefty Kreh.  Lefty is excited about this.  Smallmouth bass fishing is his favorite sport.  Josh will meet you and Lefty in Townsend for breakfast then you will float one of our tailwaters for Smallies in Josh's driftboat.  You may buy your banquet tickets online HERE.

On Saturday night we will hold a cookout and a special presentation by Jason Borger, How They Made The Movie “A River Runs Through It”.  Jason was the stand-in caster and consultant in the movie.  After the dinner and presentation by Jason, you can watch the movie for free.  Dinner and the Jason Borger event costs $10.  You may buy your tickets online HERE. Buy both your banquet tickets and the Jason Borger event at the same time and you will get a free Troutfest Journal.

We hold our fly fishing exposition on Saturday and Sunday.  Admission is free.  The Expo will have many exhibitors, vendors, fly tyers, casting exhibitions, casting training and several fly tyers demonstrating at the same time all weekend.  On Sunday there will be special fly fishing classes for beginners, women and kids. You will have the time of your life.  You can learn more about Troutfest by visiting the website: www.Troutfest.org.  See you in May.

Dr. Brad Cook with Students

Aquatic Entomology for Anglers Class
with Dr. Brad Cook

If you are getting serious about what trout eat, this may be the class for you.  Brad is the Associate Professor of Biology at Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville.  He is also an avid angler and holds a ph.D in zoology.  He has been teaching this class at our store for years.  It is very popular.  You will spend half the day in our classroom learning about the aquatic insects.  That afternoon, you will be capturing them in nets in the Smokies and learning to identify each species.  A day with Dr. Brad Cook will give you a better understanding of the freshwater ecosystem and as a result, you will be a better angler.  We have three openings in the July 14th Class which is limited to 10 students. If the class is full you may put your name on the waiting list. Call us Toll Free to sign up 877-448-3474. LEARN MORE 

Yellow Sally by Steve Yates Threadfin Shad by Byron Begley

Tying the Little Yellow Stonefly by Steve Yates

The Yellow Sally Stonefly is one of if not the most abundant source of adult insects in the Smoky Mountains. These little flies begin hatching in early Spring and are on the water until Fall. In fact, they are on the water now in the Smokies. They are more abundant in the evenings but the adult imitations can be used successfully throughout the day.

  Tying the Puglisi Threadfin Shad
by Byron Begley

The Pugisi Threadfin Shad cannot be purchased. You have to tie them. Believe me, it is worth the trouble. In the Southeast this fly has accounted for excellent catches of trout, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, white bass and even carp. This baitfish pattern is realistic and it works.

Brands Sold at Little River Outfitters
Little River Outfitters a fly shop and mail order company located in Townsend, Tennessee a gateway to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We have been family owned since 1994. Thank you for supporting our company. Please call us at 877-448-3474 if you have any questions about fly fishing, our town or our products. We are open 7 days a week.