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Spring is here and so is a new year for the Little River School of Fly Fishing.  We have some exciting new additions.  Rob Fightmaster is joining Walter Babb in teaching our Beginner Fly Fishing Day One classes. Rob has been teaching our Day Two Onstream classes and we are happy that he is taking on an even great role.  Aquatic Entomology For Anglers with Dr. Brad Cook returns this Summer, that is a fun class which is enjoyed by everyone.  Rob is starting two new classes for us this year. One is an Intermediate Casting Class and the other is Nymphing Tactics.  We are looking forward to a great year of learning!



Beginner Fly Fishing Day One

The Little River Outfitters School of Fly Fishing Beginner Fly Fishing Day One class is an excellent introduction to the sport of fly fishing.  You will learn about the equipment, how to do the basic casts, learn how to tie some important knots, an overview of aquatic entomology, and how to read water.  This class is a full day and will give you the knowledge you will need to get out on the river on your own.

Class Size – 8 students
Cost - $125.00 includes lunch

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Beginner Fly Fishing Day Two

The Beginner Fly Fishing Day Two Onstream class takes what you learned in the Day One class and puts it into practical application.  In this class you will be on the river learning about wading, casting around cover and reading water.  If you don’t have your own equipment that is not a problem, we have everything you’ll need.

Class Size – 6 students with 2 instructors
Cost - $125.00 includes lunch

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Intermediate Casting

Learning to cast is often the biggest stumbling block for individuals getting into fly fishing and our beginner fly fishing schools are a great place to get those basics (and much more).  But what about taking it to the next level?  Are you wanting to get more distance on your cast or maybe trying to figure out how to get the fly under that rhododendron? What about casting in the wind or simply casting to set up a better drift?   

Instructed by Rob Fightmaster, this four hour class will introduce you to a number of casting techniques for creating better presentation, dealing with obstacles, and achieving better accuracy and distance.  We recommend that students come to this class with fundamental fly casting knowledge and you are encouraged to bring your own rod. 

Class Size – 6 students
Cost $100 - Next Class is April 26th

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Nymphing Tactics

Exact statistics vary, but experts estimate that 75-90% of a trout’s diet comes from below the surface.  In the Smokies and many other fisheries around the world, the bulk of that sub-surface diet consists of juvenile aquatic insects, or nymphs.  However, to many fly fishermen, effective nymphing techniques remain a mystery. 

Instructed by Rob Fightmaster and Bill Bolinger, our nymphing class will help unlock some of the mystery as we discuss a variety of tactics for use in all types of water.  The morning session will be spent in the classroom learning about everything from theory and strategy to proper gear and rigging. 

We will also spend a little time in the lawn learning specific casting techniques for fishing nymphs and casting more heavily weighted rigs.  After lunch, we’ll head to the river to better demonstrate these techniques, learn more about reading water, and give you a chance to put it all to the test!

We recommend students in this class have some fly fishing and casting experience and you are encouraged to bring your own waders and rod (8-10’ and 4-6 weight recommended). A rain jacket and polarized sunglasses are also recommended and you will need a valid TN or NC fishing license.

Class Size – 6 students with 2 instructors
Cost - $125.00 includes lunch - Next Class is Saturday May 3.

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Aquatic Entomology

Do you want to know more about what “bugs” are in the river? Aquatic Entomology for Anglers is one of our most popular classes. It is a one day course with the morning spent in the classroom and the afternoon on the stream.

Almost essential to mastering the sport of fly fishing for trout is a good working knowledge of aquatic insects. At our school we can help you with one of our popular classes, Aquatic Entomology with Dr. Brad Cook. This is a one day course designed to provide anglers, especially fly fishers, with a general knowledge of aquatic insects and their roles in aquatic ecosystems. Individuals enrolled in this course will gain knowledge on the identification of different aquatic insects, aquatic insect ecology, lifecycles, and fly patterns. The morning will be in a classroom setting where all of the above aspects of aquatic entomology will be discussed in an informal setting.

In the afternoon the class will go to a Smokies stream for a "fun time" of collecting and indentifying aquatic insects. You will use nets to catch the insects. All collecting equipment will be provided with the exception of waders.

Class Size – 10 students
Cost - $100.00 includes lunch
Next Class is Saturday July 19

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Tying Soft Bodied Poppers

Another new class we have this year is tying Soft Bodied Poppers with Anthony Hipps.  You will learn how to create poppers for bass and panfish.  Anthony’s poppers were featured in Fly Tyer Magazine.  Poppers are a great way to many warmwater species. 

This class requires that you have a basic knowledge of fly tying techniques.  All the tools and materials will be provided and even lunch. 

Class Size - 8 Students
Cost - $65.00 includes lunch
Next Class is Saturday May 24

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