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Welcome to the Fishing Report from the Great Smoky Mountains.  It is 5:52 am, dark as pitch, and 17 degrees.  It’s hard to believe today’s high will be 50.

The forecast for this weekend is welcome and impressive.  We will have sunny skies tomorrow and a high in the low 60’s.  Sunday will be partly cloudy with the same high temperature expected.  Get out there and enjoy yourself.  It’s going to be nice.

The water in Little River is a bone chilling 36.7 degrees this morning.  That will rise some this weekend.  I don’t know how much, but fishing will improve some as the water warms.  Flow in Little River is 450 cubic feet per second (cfs) or 2.31 feet on the gauge.  Median flow for this date is 344 cfs.

The water is on the high side in Little River but it is fishable.  Be careful wading.  You don’t want to fall into 37 degree water this morning.

If you go fishing this weekend, I would wait until tomorrow afternoon or Sunday.  Use nymphs, and get them down deep.  Don’t expect great fishing, you will be disappointed.  Expect comfortable temperatures in the lower elevations and you may catch a trout or two.

I checked the Great Smoky Mountains National Park news releases this morning, as usual.  There was no new release about the opening of Lynn Camp Prong to fishing.  I check it every morning.  When I know, you will know.  We are expecting a release in two to three weeks, hopefully sooner.

Last week, Mike Bryant and I met with Marvin Cash, President of the Southeastern Council of the Fly Fishing Federation (SECFFF).  We are working on merging Fly Tyers Weekend, this Fall with an event and fundraiser held by the Southeastern Council.  It will be held in Townsend.  We talked on the phone yesterday.  He and his team are picking the date after consulting with the owners of Tremont Lodge and Resort.  I think it will be held the first weekend in November.  I’ll find out Monday.

Many of the participant fly tyers who performed at Fly Tyers Weekend 2014 are very active leaders in the FFF.  Anthony Hipps, former President of the SECFFF, was essential to bringing in some excellent fly tyers for this event.  Honestly, without Anthony, our event would have not been on the level that it was.

Mike Bryant and other volunteers were also essential to the success of this event.  Mike is the President of the Little River Chapter of Trout Unlimited.  Mike has a lot of event experience and he is very organized. 

Fly Tyers Weekend began years ago.  Our shop put the event on.  In 2014, we partnered with Tremont Lodge and Resort in Townsend, and brought it back.  Now, it looks like we will have a 3-partner event, with our shop, the lodge and SECFFF.

Many other non-profit organizations were involved with Fly Tyers Weekend.  Trout Unlimited Chapters were well represented.  Casting for Recovery, handled the food and beverage sales and profited from that.  Project Healing Waters was represented and very much involved. 

You can read more about Fly Tyers Weekend by CLICKING HERE.  There is a special menu on the left side of the pages directing you to more information.  We were all “blown away” by the attendance and participation and we all see this event growing in the future.

The fly tying demonstrators loved the event.  It was all about fly tying, with no other distractions.  We have decided to keep it that way.  Held in the Fall, when many anglers are thinking about tying during the winter, attendees are excited about learning new skills at the tying bench.  Marvin, Mike, Anthony and I are very aware of keeping this event focused on this one particular component of the fly fishing sport.  We don’t want to dilute that focus. 

Fly Tyers Weekend is a free event and you don’t need to be a fly tyer to enjoy it.  If you are interested in delving into the tying aspect, this two-day event may be just what you need, to decide.  Also, even if you don’t plan on learning to tie flies, you can talk to and listen to some very competent fly fishers.  They talk about fishing and well as tying.

I will announce the date as soon as I hear from Marvin.

Come by the shop tomorrow (Saturday).  We have two great fly tyers and fly fishermen demonstrating their skills for you.  It’s free.  Just show up.  Read more below.

We are also holding a beginner fly tying class tomorrow.  It is full with 8 students.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
February 6, 2015

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