Townsend, Tennessee - Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, East Tennessee and Western North Carolina

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is cloudy and 60 degrees in Townsend this morning.  Traffic was light on the morning commute.  I saw Frank, one of our policemen.  We waved.  A man on a horse rode by the shop when I was getting out of my truck.  I think it was Rick.

Little River is flowing at 406 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date is 399 cfs.  The water temperature was 52.0 degrees at 7:50 am.

Yesterday was strange.  There were a lot of anglers fishing in the Smokies.  I talked to several who were returning from fishing.  Most said the fishing was slow.  Others, the minority said the fishing was good.  Some of those who said it was slow are excellent anglers.  The best reports came from the East Prong of the Little River.  Some of the slow reports were from anglers who fished the Middle Prong of the Little River.

I expected much better.  It was windy at times.  The water temperature climbed during the day to almost 54 degrees.  That is getting close to perfect.  To me, perfect is 58 degrees.  There were some bugs hatching, mostly blue quills.  Trout were rising to them according to a few anglers.  I don’t know, I expected much better.  Evidently, the trout were more active on Friday than they were yesterday and the water was colder.

Today looks better to me.  It is overcast.  The water is warm.  The high temperature today is supposed to be 71 degrees. There is no wind.  The wind is expected to be out of the West today at 7 mph.  I think it is certainly worth a shot. 

The dominant hatch seems to be Blue Quills.  There are some brown stoneflies hatching.  For some reason the Quill Gordons are not out in large numbers.  Maybe today will be their day.

I would have Blue Quill and Quill Gordon dry flies in my fly box.  There would also be some Pheasant Tail nymphs.  Maybe a few Blue Wing Olive dries in the box would be a good idea.  Just get out there and watch the water.

Doug, one of my fishing buddies was having a good day on the East Prong yesterday.  Trout were rising to his Blue Quills.  All of a sudden, two fly fishermen waded right through the water he was fishing.  Of course that put the fish down.  After a few minutes, the trout started rising again.  Then, an open boat and two kayaks floated through his spot.  He packed it up.  He said he would go back Monday. 

We are going to have a couple of cold nights next week.  The low Wednesday may be 28 degrees.  The highs for the next few days after tomorrow will be in the 50’s.  Spring just can’t get going.

Some of the white flowering trees are blooming.  Leaves are starting to show on some of the trees around here.  Yesterday, the high temperature at the Knoxville Airport was 76 degrees.  This weather is strange.

I hope you go fishing today and do well.  I also hope you have a great day.

Thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
March 17, 2013  

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