Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It’s a beautiful morning in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  The temperature is 50 degrees and there is cloud cover in some areas with blue sky exposed in other areas.  I guess you could say it is partly cloudy or partly sunny.  I wonder what the difference is?  Little River is looking perfect.  The flow is below normal but most people who visit here during the Summer would consider the water high.  Again, I think it is perfect.  I saw a man casting from a large boulder just downstream from the swinging bridge.  I was too far away for him to know I was taking the water temperature but he yelled at me and asked what it was.  “56 degrees” I yelled back.  He must know what I’m doing down there every morning.  Maybe we’ve talked before. 

Flow this morning is 299 cubic feet per second.  Median flow for this date is 421 cfs.  That only amounts to a few inches in depth.  Those two readings are barely noticeable to most folks.  I notice it because I’m there every day standing on the same rock or maybe the one behind that rock. 

Fishing is good but some people are not agreeing with me.  I have to admit the reports are varied.  The trout should be taking adult mayflies from the surface but some people are doing better with nymphs.  Other people are catching the trout on dry flies.  I’m seeing pictures of some nice fish that have been caught in the past 3 or 4 days.  Then someone tells me the fishing is slow.  I would use a Quill Gordon dry fly with a nymph tied on as a dropper.  Then I would switch to a Blue Quill or smaller gray fly if I see them hatching.  One guy told me yesterday he is catching them on the dropper most of the time.

Then, there is the moon.  It has been bright at night.  I think that affects the fishing.  The moon is close to full.  And, I heard something this morning on CNN that was new to me.  The moon is closer to the earth right now than it has been in 20 years.  As a result, the tides are strong at high and low.  The highs are very high and the lows are very low.  Due to that, some ships have run aground on sand bars.  I don’t know why the moon is so close.  I guess it just happens due to some cyclical phenomenon.  The earth’s axis supposedly changed after the huge earthquake in Japan.  I heard that but have no way of verifying the story.  Everything looks the same to me from here.  But, all I see are mountains and sky.  I’ll check the cows in a minute.  Maybe they are all leaning one way or another.

They found the hiker that was lost in the Smokies.  He is going to be OK.  But getting him out was a problem.  Rangers and a medic got him to a landing point 2 ½ miles from where he was found.  Then the Park Service helicopter could not land due to wind and tight conditions.  So, they called in another chopper from Nashville.  This one had the capability to pull a person up from the ground while hovering above.  You can read the story HERE IN THE DAILY TIMES.

We got some new flies in that are tearing me apart.  I ordered a few dozen Stealth Bombers from Rainy’s and noticed these Tullis Wiggle Bugs in the catalog.  So, I ordered some of them too.  Instead of putting them out for sale I want to buy them all.  I would not do that.  I’ll buy a couple of each and order some more.  We got them in Chartreuse #8 and Black #4.  I tried to link you to the Rainy’s website but it is down right now.  Try it later.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
March 22, 2011

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