Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park
April 12, 2010

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is sunny and 44 degrees this morning.  You wouldn’t believe how beautiful this valley looks.  The trees are pale green, the redbuds are at peak and flowers are blooming everywhere you look.  Today is a picture of Spring in the foothills of the Smokies.  I saw a few turkeys this morning.  There were 5 hens and one jake in the neighbors garden.  I would say that many of the hens are on their nest now.  I say that because the flock I watch almost daily is shrinking.  A couple of weeks ago there were fifteen or more.

Fishing is good but the water is cool so afternoons will be best.  The water is 51 degrees in town.  It will warm up quickly today.  The high is supposed to be 79 degrees.  The forecast has changed somewhat.  We were expecting highs in the mid 70’s this week.  Now it appears the highs will be in the low 80’s.  There is very little chance for rain over the next few days, just hot days and warm nights.

Little River is flowing at a rate of 365 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date is 313 cfs.  The water levels are dropping back closer to normal.  We are still around 2” behind in precipitation for the year. 

Fishing in the high elevation streams will be more like early Spring.  The hatches there should be Quill Gordons and Blue Quills.  Down lower it is later Spring.  Here you will see more diversity in the hatches.  You might also find March Browns, Red Quills and Dark Hendricksons along with other aquatic insects.  So, depending on where you are you will find different fishing conditions.  It will be good fishing in the high elevations streams this week.  The air will be cooler and more comfortable.

The smallmouth bass fishing is getting much better.  A friend of mine caught a 6 pounder on Friday.  He didn’t tell me where he was fishing.  I didn’t ask.  I’m pretty sure they were on a lake.

This is cool.  I got an e-mail from Perk Perkins, CEO of Orvis.  I had invited him to Troutfest and he wrote back and wanted more information.  I hope he comes.  You would enjoy meeting him.  I got to watch him land what looked like a 100 pound tarpon on a 10 weight Helios prototype one time.  The photo of him and that fish was printed in some of the Orvis catalogs.  He’s a nice guy and a good fisherman. 

I invited his brother David too.  I know David pretty well.  We have been together in meetings and he has been in our shop.  I look up to these guys.  They own an excellent company. Having either or both of them here would be a personal honor for me.  Orvis has been kind to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park’s brook trout restoration program.  Not only does Orvis sponsor Troutfest in a huge way, they have also donated cash to Friends of the Smokies which is earmarked for fisheries projects. Orvis has also been very good to us and our store. 

Bill Reed who is Vice President of wholesale at Orvis is on the Troutfest committee.  He came up with some great ideas for the event.  When Bill talks, I listen. 

I have also been communicating with Chris Wood.  He is the new CEO of Trout Unlimited.  He will be at Troutfest this year.  He is going to try to help us get Ted Roosevelt here for the event.  I was working with Ted to join us last year but when banks got into trouble in the Fall of 2008 he said he could not commit.  He is a banker in New York.  I met Ted through Trout Unlimited.  He has been on the National Board for many years.  His great grandfather was Teddy Roosevelt, President of the United States.  I doubt if Ted will be here but I sure hope he comes.  He does a lot of business overseas and has a rigorous schedule.  We’ll see.  We’ll try.

I heard some sad news yesterday.  Stan Bogdan is ill.  He is 92 years old.  He has visited our store a few times and he was at Troutfest last year.  He spoke at the banquet and everyone loved him.  He is supposed to be here this year.  I hope he can.  He is a great man.

We need to sell some Troutfest Banquet Tickets to make us feel better. I don't know why but most people, including me have not bought theirs yet. You can buy them online by clicking HERE. Or call 865-448-9459 and we'll send them to you. I promise, I'm going downstairs right now and buy three, one for me, one for Paula and one for Frank Brown.

We could also use some more volunteers. If you are interested in helping send an e-mail to RONNIE BECKER our Volunteer Coordinator. Please include your t-shirt size. You will be getting a special Troutfest Volunteer T. You can sign up for 4 hours. Your volunteer time is counted as Park Service Fisheries volunteer time. Those hours are leveraged to obtain matching funds. Pretty slick huh?

Click on the photo below to visit the Troutfest website and learn more.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
April 12, 2010

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