Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is a bright sunny morning here in Townsend. Today is supposed to be warm again but showers are coming tonight followed by some cooler temperatures. It is always hard to say what that will do to the fishing over the weekend. Cooler weather will be nice. It is too early for it to be in the 80's. Spring is supposed to be long sleeve shirt / light jacket weather. We have plenty of time later on for shorts.

People have been doing well fishing in the Smokies. Little River continues to fish well. Middle Prong ( Tremont ) is doing good too. There has been a big variety of bugs hatching. We have been seeing mayflies like the Quill Gordons and Blue Quills starting to slack off. Red Quills, Hendricksons, and March Browns are starting to take their place. Elk Hair Caddis have been working well. Nymphs continue to do well all day long.
This is a great time of year to fish droppers. Conditions are great for it. The dry flies are large, making them an excellent choice to holding a nymph. Also, many of the mayflies will hatch below the surface and then swim to the top to emerge. Wet flies and soft hackle flies are excellent at imitating this.

Cades Cove is opening early. I believe it is to open next weekend on the 24th. I can't imagine how bad the traffic will be that weekend. If I really wanted to do the Loop on opening day I think I'd take my bike and zip past the sitting cars.

Have you thought that you would like to learn more about the aquatic insects that you hear about in fishing reports and see along the banks of the streams? Our class Aquatic Entomology for Anglers would be perfect for you. It is a one day course coming up on Saturday July 17, taught by Dr. Brad Cook. The class is held here at the Shop in the morning where you will learn the basics of aquatic entomology in a classroom setting. In the afternoon you will head to the river for some hands on insect collecting and identification. The cost of the class is only $100 which includes lunch. The class is limited to 10 students so sign up ASAP so you don't miss out.

Byron is off to the annual turkey hunting trip. He is locked, loaded and licensed and fully intending to shoot a bird this year. When he gets back I know we'll get to hear the stories.

I better wrap this up and get back to receiving new stuff.


To those who have bought banquet tickets online you may have noticed your charges didn't show up on your credit card statement. Bill and Sheila handle the transactions and mail the tickets to you from their home. According to the hand written directions give to them by the credit card processer, the maching would upload automatically every night. It didn't. So they know now to do it manually after making entries. Your charges will show up now. Though you are buying your tickets from our shop's website for security reasons, the actual charge will be deposited in and will show on your statement as the Little River Chapter of Trout Unlimited.

Troutfest banquet ticket sales are picking up. It's time for you to buy yours. You can buy them online by clicking HERE. Or call 865-448-9459 and we'll send them to you.

More volunteers are signing up to help at Troutfest but we could use some more. If you are interested in helping send an e-mail to RONNIE BECKER our Volunteer Coordinator. Please include your t-shirt size. You will be getting a special Troutfest Volunteer T. You can sign up for 4 hours. Your volunteer time is counted as Park Service Fisheries volunteer time. Those hours are leveraged to obtain matching funds. Pretty slick huh?

Click on the photo below to visit the Troutfest website and learn more.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Daniel Drake
April 16, 2010

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