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Welcome to the Fishing Report from the Great Smoky Mountains. This is going to be a beautiful Sunday, with mostly sunny skies and a high in the mid-70’s.  We will be open today, as usual.  We only close 4 days a year.  The temperature at 6:43 am is 49 degrees.

Little River is flowing at 209 cubic feet per second (cfs) or 1.89 feet on the flow gauge.  Median flow for this date is 260 cfs.  The water temperature is 53.6 degrees this morning.

After 9 days without a day off, I decided to take one yesterday.  So, I didn’t talk to any fishermen.  I know, for sure, fishing is awesome.  The conditions are perfect.  Flows are good, the water temperatures are good and fishermen are out and about.

These lower flows are favorable to most fly fishermen, especially those who love dry fly fishing.  Use light colored mayfly patterns, sulphurs or Light Cahills.  Try a Yellow Sally Stonefly pattern.  You can’t beat a Yellow Neversink Caddis.  Fishing is excellent in the mountains.

Fishermen are also catching stocked trout in Little River through town. I see them every day but I usually forget to mention it on this report.

The lower flows are also good for fishing the lowland rivers.  Smallmouth bass action is picking up.  Wade fishing in lower Little River is a great place to do that.  Or, you can float in a canoe or kayak.  If you don’t have a boat, you can rent a canoe at River Johns.  He provides the shuttle service too.  The float is 7 miles, through prime smallmouth bass water.  You can visit John’s website by CLICKING HERE.

Generation schedules look pretty good at Cherokee Dam today.  You should do well fishing the Holston River for trout.  Check the TVA website and play your day.  They will be generating at times throughout the day, but you may be able to schedule some time to fish there.

Fort Loudoun and Tellico Lakes are within one foot of full pool.  Paula and I may do some kayak fishing in upper Tellico this week.  The electronics in our boat are temporarily inoperable.  I’m in the process of installing a chart plotter/ depth finder in the stern, and a second depth finder at the bow.  The hull is full of wire, connectors and tools right now.  I don’t know if I’ll finish the job until later this week.  Then, I hope it all works.  I don’t know how many times I’ve read that chart plotter manual.

Jim and I drove to Morristown yesterday to pick up his boat.  After returning from Florida recently, he launched it in a lake to flush out the saltwater.  The motor would not start.  He took it to Tri-County Marine for repairs.  I thought we were picking up his flats boat.  It turned out, it was his offshore boat giving him problems. 

This boat is huge by my standards.  It’s only 23 feet long but it is very high and wide, built to take large waves and rough water.  The motor is a 225 horsepower Mercury.  Jim pulls it with a 1 ton, duel axel, diesel truck.  I was surprised at how easily it towed.  Of course, he was doing the driving, not me.  We had a great time and probably got a lot of strange looks pulling a boat that bit, through rural small towns.  He and Pat tow it to Florida and back all the time. It is a beautiful boat.

Jim is a doctor by trade, but he grew up on a farm and has extensive mechanical skills.  He recently replaced the bearings, all the bolts, and rewired the offshore boat’s trailer.  I’m taking our boat to him, to re-pack the bearings, something I’ve never done.  We’ll do it together, so I’ll know how in the future.  Then, I’ll do the same thing with our kayak trailer. 

One thing, that can ruin a fishing day, is a bearing locked-up on your axle.  I have first hand experience with that.  I have a trailer expert who usually does this for us, but he is very busy right now.  It’s time to learn myself.

Jim and Pat’s son, Drew Delashmit, graduated from UT, then moved to Key West where he became a fly fishing guide.  Drew worked at our shop while he was in college.  He has become well known over the years as a top professional, with a list of clients a mile long.  You can visit Drew and his partner’s website by CLICKING HERE.  These guys are awesome!  Right now, tarpon fishing is good.

Two deer are standing in the woods right behind our house, maybe 75 feet away.  We have a mineral block back there and deer love it.  They have made a trail, from deep in the forest right to that block.

Our neighbors told us a large bear is roaming around, but we have not seen him.  It’s just a matter of time before we do.  I store bird seed and corn in the boat house.  I’ll need to keep that door closed unless I’m in there.  These same neighbors, left a garage door open once, and a huge bear walked in and stole a 50 pound bag of corn.  The bear dragged the bag outside and sat down.  He tore the bag open and ate the stolen grain.  They have the crime recorded on video.  When food is involved, you can’t trust a bear.  Otherwise, they are fairly friendly animals, from a safe distance.   

I’ll be at the shop today doing bookkeeping chores. 

Have a great day and get out there.  This is going to be a beautiful Sunday.  We will be open from 9 am until 5 pm.

Thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
May 3, 2015

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