Townsend, Tennessee

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is sunny and cool.  Townsend is very quiet.  We like that.  Business owners and staff are relaxing.  Townsend is a tough place to make a living due to the seasonality of our tourism business, lack of traffic during the week and when our town is full of visitors there are not that many.  But, due to that it is a pleasant place to live.  During most of the months there are plenty of visitors on the weekends and it is quiet during the week, like right now.  Without our mail order business we would probably not succeed.

I don’t know how many years it has been since a motel opened.  The one that did since I have lived here was probably built 15 years ago.  Our valley has grown some but that is due mainly to residential development.  Some stores have opened and most struggle.  But, that’s OK.  Us retailers have nice jobs and most don’t expect to make a lot of money. We are content.

Little River looks wonderful this morning.  The water temperature is 52 degrees in town.  The river is high.  We don’t take beginners into the Park when it is this high. 

If I went fishing today I would choose a small stream.  It would probably be the Middle Prong or West Prong of Little River.  I would wait a while for the water to warm up.  It will this week.  Air temperature will peak in the low 80’s for the next few days.

I would have a good selection of Smokies flies.  A Parachute Adams, Yellow Parachute Adams, Neversink Caddis and small Yellow Stimulators, Light Cahills and Elk Hair Caddis would be in my box to cover the dry flies. For nymphs I would have some larger Prince, Tellico and Pheasant Tails.  I would have some Green Weenies and some smaller bead head nymphs to drop of the dry flies. 

The dries would be tried first.  If that didn’t work I would drop a nymph off the dry.  If that didn’t work I would fish some nymphs, weighted with split shot and dragged near the bottom of runs.  Tonight I would be waiting for the hatches of Yellow Sally Stoneflies.  A Neversink Caddis or #16 Yellow Stimulator would be tied on. 

Here you have to make a few casts and move on to the next run, riffle or pool.  You may see trout in the pools but they see you too if the water is slow.  Of course I would wear dark, subdued clothing and try to hide from the fish.

That’s what I would do today.

Troutfest Tales:

When the Fly Fishing Exposition opened Saturday morning, I was almost immediately approached by the Visitors Center Store Manager and a lady.  She lives down Myers Road, which runs next to the Center.  There were two trucks and a car parked in front of her house.  Someone forgot to put the signs on the road stopping parking past the Visitors Center property.  I told her I would find the people who owned them and get the vehicles moved.  No sooner than I began my search, Frank who is one of our policemen in Town showed up.  He had complaints from people who lived on Myers Road about cars parked with their tires on the street.  One of those vehicles was my truck.  I asked Frank to pull to the front of the Visitors Center and using his PA system warn the folks attending Troutfest that they had to move their cars and trucks.  I used the PA system on the music stage and made the same request to the people behind the Center.  I probably took an hour or more but between Frank and I we got the job done.  We placed the signs on the road and watched it closely the whole weekend. 

My buddy Frank Brown and I were waiting for a hamburger plate to be prepared for us at one of the food vendor booths.  I saw Ronnie, our Police Chief pull up Myers Road then turn around.  I told Frank I better talk to the Chief.  The Police Chief Vehicle is a pickup truck, all decked out with normal police equipment and wrapped with Townsend Police graphics and logos.  When Ronnie pulled up I got in the truck.

We talked for a minute about the parking situation then as usual we started talking about fishing.  We always do.  Last night I attended a Townsend City Commission Meeting because I heard there was going to be discussion about the damage that occurred at Troutfest due to parking on the grass and wet ground.  It was a mess and we are willing to pay to have the ground smoothed out and seeded. Ronnie was there last night and all we talked about was fishing.

Well, after my meeting with him Saturday I walked back down to pick up my hamburger.  My friend Frank asked, “Did you get everything straightened out with the Chief?”  I said “Yes, he caught a 31” walleye yesterday and he said I could use his boat anytime I want to until our new one comes in”.  This is a nice place to live.

Thank you for being here and have a great day.

Byron Begley
May 20, 2009

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