Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report. The weather girl was calling for a chance of rain this morning near the mountains but here in Townsend the sun is shining bright through some broken clouds. It most definitely wasn't shining last night around 5pm. All day we were looking out the windows and seeing dark clouds building on the horizon. They would roll through but none dropped rain on us here. Maryville and Knoxville got some more heavy rain and hail but we didn't get a drop. Then.....just before we were ready to leave the dark clouds approached again. It got spooky dark. Ethan was sure the apocalypse was coming after having rung a ticket for $666.00. Lightning flashed and then the rain and wind let loose. It was raining sideways. After a few minutes we decided it wasn't the best idea to be watching a storm through large glass doors being pounded by wind and rain. The rain didn't last too long before it moved on. In all that we only received 0.20" of rain in the gauge. How accurate that is is questionable. I'm not sure how much actual rain could have gotten in the gauge while blowing sideways.

The Little River gauge at Townsend only came up a little to 1.79 feet or 145 cfs. Water temperatures cooled a few degrees overnight also. When we checked the streams this morning Little River, Middle Prong and West Prong of Little River were all flowing clear.
Water levels have been great for fishing and temps are good. On warm afternoons more and more anglers are opting to wet wade.

Marty from North Carolina called this morning. He had spent the last couple of days camping and fishing on the NC side of the Park. From the report he gave it sounds like the streams over there are fishing just as well as the one on the Tennessee side of the mountains. The same patterns were working for him. Elk Hair Caddis, Stimulators, small attractor flies, etc. All in the #14 - #16 size range.

Light colored dry flies have continued to be good producers on most streams. #14 and #16 is always a good bet for size. You may want to have a few smaller sulphur dries in the box also. Nymphs are varying in size from #12 to #18. Don't forget about the terrestrial patterns like ants and Green Weenies. They make excellent dropper flies.

Paula called this morning and let us know they were on their way back. They'll be back in the Shop tomorrow. Byron will be back at the helm writing the fishing report hopefully with tales of world record smallmouth and bream beyond count.

Afternoon thunderstorms are always a possibility for the rest of the Summer so keep an eye out. Have a great day and good luck fishing out there. Thanks for being here with us.

Daniel Drake
May 27, 2011

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