Townsend, Tennessee
June 1, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  I came to work at 7:30 and it was so foggy I drove at a crawl.  It’s 8:00 am now, the sun is shining and the fog has lifted.  That was a fast transformation.  I saw two cars on the road on my commute.  The weekend visitors went home yesterday.  Townsend seemed quiet for a weekend but we were busy as heck.  We ended the month up from last year. 

Fishing is excellent.  But Jack fished with Bill and Wendy yesterday and he said it was kind of slow.  They caught trout but less than he expected.  Then they ran into a guy who said he had been fishing the same stretch of water they were fishing for 5 days straight.  They were just upstream from Elkmont. 

Jack fished the evening hatch a night or two before yesterday.  He said it was crazy.  Yellow Sally, Light Cahill and Golden Stones were hatching everywhere.  The trout were going nuts.  It’s the same story I’ve been hearing for weeks.  You’ve got to fish early and late.  When the sun is on the water the fishing will slow down. 

That is just the opposite in the early Spring.  You do better during the middle of the day when the water warms up.  Water temperature is not an issue now.  So the trout pick the less vulnerable times of the day and they take advantage of the evening hatches. 

It is going to be warm this week.  At night in the mountains the lows will be around 60 and below depending on how high you are in elevation.  Highs will be in the 80’s.  There is a chance for rain and scattered thunderstorms Thursday and Friday.  Great, Paula and I are floating Little River for two days on Thursday and Friday. 

Anglers were flocking to the tailwaters this weekend.  Many of the dams have been generating non-stop for weeks due to the heavy rain.  They let up a little bit and fishermen responded.  I heard complaints about over-crowding on the Clinch.  Someone even blamed it on our message board.  It’s not the message board it’s TVA. 

The Little River Journal is going out tonight.  It is not finished yet.  Usually it takes me 40 to 50 hours to write some articles and put the whole thing together.  I usually do it at home so I won’t get interrupted and I can easily get it done in 3 or 4 long days.  I made a big mistake this time.  I tried to write and design the Journal at work.  I kept getting distracted and it cost me a couple of days.  Lesson learned is “from now on do it at home”.  As a result I am missing a Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting today.  I think this will be my second one in four years of service.  I hate missing these meetings because it is a commitment I made and they are always fun.

If you sent me an e-mail to me during the last 5 days there is a reason you didn’t get an answer.  I have not checked them.  That means tomorrow there will be hundreds including spam.  I’ll check and answer them tomorrow then I'm leaving the store for three days.  I need some time off.  It’s been a few weeks since I actually took a day off.  Troutfest, two Journals and other store work are the reason.  After tomorrow, that will all be behind me.

I was telling Paula last night about how good it is that the same guys write articles for the Journal.  The Journal list is growing and these guys keep contributing and as long as that keeps happening I’ll devote the time necessary to put it together.  If they stop writing, I’m going to do the same thing.  We are a good team and I appreciated all of them doing what they do.  I hope to keep it up.  Other people have said they would contribute but that has not happened yet.  So, we’ll see what the future brings.

Here is some big news about next weekend.  The Smoky Mountain Pottery Festival will be held at the Townsend Visitors Center on Friday June 5th and Saturday the 6th.  Last year was unbelievable.  This year will be bigger.  There will be 40 artists; all potters and most of them are from Tennessee or North Carolina.  I do see one from South Carolina and one from Texas on the list. 

These artisans will demonstrate their methods and skills including throwing and firing.  They will also be selling their wares.  Our shop is one of the sponsors.  This is one of many festivals we hold in Townsend throughout the year.  Behind them all, including Troutfest is the Smoky Mountain Convention and Visitors Bureau.  Jeanie Hilton is a full time staff member at the Bureau and her job is organizing festivals.  She also plays in a bluegrass band.  Her band was one of many who performed at Troutfest.

We are expecting the Pottery Festival to become a huge attraction mainly because we want it to.  And it is unique to art shows, this one is pottery only.

Here is some good advice.  Go on Friday.  Last year the event was smaller but a lot of the pottery sold out on the first day.  By the time I got there Saturday afternoon, the booths were low on inventory.  With more artists this year, that may not happen.

Below is a link to the website Jeanie put together.  I’m telling you the truth.  Show up at this event and you will be impressed.

Tonight the Townsend City Commission will meet to discuss festivals.  I’m going to be there to hand out material that indicates the economic impact, jobs and tax revenue generated by tourism and festivals.  The Commission will be discussing how to re-write city ordinances that deal with festivals.  Some ordinances are vague and hard to interpret by officials and the police department. 

I’m hoping the City will become partners with us on our festivals.  After all, festivals are good for the City.  Most Cities hold their own festivals.  Our Police Department is very involved at our events. They helped me out of a big squeeze during Troutfest. 

We’ll meet at 7:00.  Herb Handly from the Visitors Bureau will be at a Friends of the Smokies meeting so I will be sitting in for him.  I think it will be interesting.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us and for supporting our shop.  You do that and all of us appreciate it.

Byron Begley
June 1, 2009  

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