Townsend, Tennessee
June 6, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is sunny and that will be the case tomorrow too.  It looks like we are going to dry out for a couple of days.  Rain is back in the forecast next week.  Little River is running strong and there is a slight bit of color to the water in town.  The flow is currently 344 cubic feet per second, normal for this date is 158 cfs and yesterday the river got up to 450 cfs.  The water temperture is 60 degrees. Downstream from Walland Little River is high and off color.  At the Maryville gauge the flow is 676 cfs and normal is 251 for this date. 

Townsend is pretty busy.  There was quite a bit of traffic on the streets and the Pottery Festival is going on and hopefully drawing a crowd.  I went by there yesterday and it looked to be slow but it was early and rain was still in the area.  I bet they going are get a lot of folks today.

Fishing is good if you don’t mind fishing high water.  Please be careful.  The current is strong.  I would fish the higher elevation smaller streams.  And you might need to use nymphs that are weighted and fished deep today.  The sun is bright so fish the shady areas.  Tonight will be best just before dark.  You should encounter Yellow Sally Stoneflies and Light Cahill colored mayflies hatching.  There will be other aquatic insects hatching as well.

Paula and I were supposed to float Little River and fish for smallmouth bass this week.  Our plan was to float 14 miles in a canoe.  The high stained water changed those plans.  Maybe we’ll do it next week.  I still took off work for three days.  I caught up on naps and tied flies.  That’s about it.  It is good to be back to work.

I’ll be answering e-mail today for a couple of hours.  Then my plan is to order some merchandise. Chuck is teaching a private instruction beginner fly fishing class.  Bill, Bill, Glenn and Paula are taking care of customers.

I spent part of this week searching the internet for boat accessories.  I’ve been looking for a depth gauge.  You would think everyone would be selling those simple and inexpensive devices.  I just want to know the depth of the water I’m in so I don’t hit a rock.  Finally, I found one for $69.  All I have to do is mount the transducer to the transom, run a couple of wires to some power and mount the small 2” x 2” gauge somewhere. 

Now if I were looking for a fish finder that would be easy.  There are hundreds of different models sold almost everywhere.  I was thumbing through a big box fishing catalog.  Today’s fish finding technology goes way beyond what I ever expected. The phrases used to describe them are foreign to me. 

“They will almost catch the fish for you”.  Why would I buy something that would do that?  That would be taking the fun out of fishing.  These advanced electronic devices will “Put You In The Fast Lane”.  I don’t want to be in the fast lane.  I go fishing to relax. 

You can buy sonar recording with on-screen playback, high definition side imaging and dual beam for a complete 180 degree view of the bottom. 

I remember the fun in fishing when I was a kid is wondering what is swimming around in the water.  Maybe there is a ten pound bass, a 20 pound grouper of a 12” bluegill.  Wondering and wishing was the fun part of my fishing.

Now there is Fish TV.  You can lower a video camera into the water.  The probe looks something like a submarine that is painted to resemble a high tech fish.  You can watch the fish swimming around your boat, 20 feet below the surface and watch them take your bait.  I guess you know when to set your hook.  I mean it’s right there in front of you in high definition HD, playing in real time and in living color.  That would ruin fishing for me.  I’m just looking for something to tell me if I’m going to hit a rock with my lower unit.

My guess is these things that almost catch the fish for you were developed for and bought by tournament fishermen, those who do it for competitive reasons and money.  I go fishing to get away from competition.  I get enough of that at work.  And I wouldn’t want to fish for money.  That would take the fun out of it for me.

Now, I’m not against sight fishing using my God given eyes with a little help from contact lenses and polarized sun glasses.  That is a lot of fun.  I love sight fishing.  But this electronic gear that “almost catches the fish for you” is not for me.  Call me old fashioned, behind the times or timid to technology.

That isn’t so.  I turned on my iMac, searched Google and found that simple depth gauge.  I could not find one of those in a low-tech paper catalog.  And, I telling you about this using HTML code on the Worldwide Web.  So, I’m not that low-tech. 

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
June 6, 2009 

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