Townsend, Tennessee
June 11, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is partly cloudy in Townsend.  A low fog is suspended above the path of Little River through town.  Earlier the mountains were partially blocked.  I could see the base and the tops of the mountains but fog blocked the middle from my view.  Townsend is still very quiet.  There were hardly any cars on the streets this morning.

When I backed out of the driveway I noticed something moving right behind my truck.  There were three wild turkey hens in the driveway.  They were not in any hurry to get out of my way.  I guess the babies have flown the coop.  I have not seen one young turkey around our house this year.

Down at the bridge the water is clear.  But the water level is up almost 100 cubic feet per second from yesterday morning.  We got some rain somewhere in the mountains last night.  I stood on our front porch last night and listened to the thunder.  I couldn’t see lightning but that is not unusual during the summer.  Our house is completely surrounded by forest, all we see are trees.  In the winter months we can see the mountains that surround Cades Cove vividly.  Then the leaves come back in the Spring and the view is gone. 

Fishing was OK yesterday but not great.  I bet the fishing last night was good.  Bill Bolinger fished yesterday morning.  He said he caught a few trout but for him it was slow.  He said he changed flies a lot and caught most on a wet fly.  Rob Fightmaster who is a guide we recommend was in here with a client.  I think they did fairly well but I didn’t hear any chatter about trout jumping out of the water to catch their flies.

Evenings are still the best time to fish.  And, Yellow Sally Stonefly patterns will probably work as good or better than anything else. 

Little River is muddy in the lower stretches.  I hate to hear that.  We were going to fish down there tomorrow.  And, it has started raining here.  That will make matters worse. 

My bad!  Last night I sent a customer from California to Elkmont.  Since tourism in Townsend is very slow right now I assumed he could find a campsite there.  I learned how to check availability of the Smokies campgrounds just now.  Elkmont is full.  Maybe the fireflies have started.  Sorry Lucas.  Lucas and his family own a vineyard in Napa Valley.  He was talking about how much he loves living in a beautiful place.  I feel the same way.

I met Terry and Belinda yesterday.  They own Riverstone Lodge and the Scenic Motel.  They have owned Riverstone for a few years and I can’t believe we have not met.  They bought the old Scenic Motel and pretty much remodeled the whole place.  I stopped by to see them there.  They were painting the swimming pool.  They said business is fair but not booming.  Riverstone has done well.  They have taken good care of their customers.  That always helps. 

The Riverstone Restaurant which I believe is leased to another operator is really busy.  They serve excellent food and give great service.  Sometimes it is hard to get in there are so many customers.  And, during the winter when many restaurants close, they are open.

I also talked to Kathy yesterday.  She owns the Grace Hill Bed & Breakfast.  I bet her business is great.  She is doing everything possible to improve her website and her hard work shows.  Check it out HERE.  What a beautiful place.  She is a bright lady.

The rain has stopped and the sun is out again.  The rise in the Little River has peaked for now and it is dropping.  But we have a good chance for thunderstorms today and tonight.  The weekend looks good right now. 

Our little town could use some visitors so pack up and come on over.

Thank you for being here with us today.

Byron Begley
June 11, 2009

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