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Welcome to the Fishing Report. The sun is actually shining!! It is a beautiful morning here in Townsend. There is just a light overcast, softening the sun but there is sun. Of course, there wasn't sun yesterday.....just more rain. It is too bad we can't send some of our excess out West where the need it.

It rained a good portion of the day yesterday. Especially when the TU Trout Camp was here getting a casting lesson. The kids seemed much less deterred by the rain than the soaked instructors. Everyone looked to be having a fun time despite the precipitation.
The rain gauge had about 1.25" in it this morning. The website with the Smokies weather data hasn't updated with yesterday's information yet so I'm not sure how the rain fell around the Park.

Little River is flowing very high at 3.36 feet on the gauge or 896 c.f.s. The normal flow for this date is 140 c.f.s. Yesterday's rain was cool which helped water temps stay at 60F.
Driving up into Great Smoky Mountains National Park this morning, the Little River is running high and not bad muddy but definitely not clear. The Middle Prong of Little River was running high and stained. West Prong of Little River was running high but mostly clear.

Where to go fishing.....that is going to be a tough question today. The main prong of Little River is going to be will likely be tough for the next couple of days. Middle Prong looked less bad. You definitely want to stay out of the water. West Prong might be workable but you will still have to be very careful. If the Smokies Weather site would update I'd have a better idea of what happened in the higher elevations. The link to the website is HERE. It gives precipitation numbers for select areas in the Park. The site can give a bit of a clue about areas where there isn't a streamflow gauge. If 2 inches of rain fell at Newfound Gap or Mt. likely means that the drainages of the Little Pigeon River will be high.

The lower elevation streams outside the Smokies are running high and muddy. Smallmouth fishing in Little River will be very difficult. Byron and his friend Frank headed to the lake today hoping for some clear water and good fishing.

If you do decide to try fishing in the Smokies today, stay out of the water. You can try some nymph patterns, BH Prince Nymphs, Tellico Nymph, Copper Johns all in the #12-#16 size range. Also, larger rubber leg stonefly nymphs could be good. If you ever thought about trying streamers, high muddy water is a great time to give that a go.

The weather forecast is calling for lower chances of afternoon thunderstorms through the weekend. Fingers crossed! Hopefully we can get a stretch of nice weather and let the fishing get good again.

Thank you for being here and have a good day.

Daniel Drake
June 19, 2013


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