Townsend, Tennessee - Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, East Tennessee and Western North Carolina

Welcome to the Fishing Report from the Great Smoky Mountains. At 6:12 am, it is dark and 74 degrees.  A small thunderstorm blew in last night.  We experienced heavy rain and thunder.  From our house I could see the storm hovering over Cades Cove.  The power at the campground was knocked out.  We have a 90% chance for thunderstorms today, beginning this morning.  The high temperatures is expected to be 86 degrees.


Little River is flowing at 52 cubic feet per second (cfs) or 1.22 feet on the flow gauge.  Median flow for this date is 136 cfs.  The water temperature is 73.4 degrees this morning.


The advice remains the same.  Find a shaded backountry stream in the higher elevations where the water is cooler.  Fish the riffles and choppy water where the trout are hiding.  Wear muted clothing and stay low so the fish won’t see you.  Use light tippet.  A Yellow Sally Stonefly dry or a Green or Pink Weenie are the recommended patterns. 

Today, watch for rising water.  I hope you see that happen.


The U.S. Drought Monitor listed our County this week as being in a Moderate Drought.  Before that, we were considered to be Abnormally Dry.  You can see the Tennessee map by CLICKING HERE.  Blount County is the third from the bottom on the East side of the map. A portion of the County, in the Smoky Mountains is still considered to be Abnormally Dry.

9.35% of Tennessee is listed in Moderate Drought designation.  25.01% of Tennessee is listed as Abnormally Dry.


Lots of folks are talking about the very good fishing on the Clinch River.  It is “Sulphur Time”.  I’m seeing some great pictures of some nice trout, caught on the Clinch.  Some of the rainbows are huge, fat and healthy.


If you are interested in getting a free, 2 hour introductory class in fly fishing, call the shop this morning and sign up for our 101 Class to be held at 2:00 pm.  Class size is limited.  Call 865-448-9459.


The TU kids camp, held at the Great Smoky Mountains Institute ends today.  The campers will be shuttled to our store to meet with their parents.  I’m driving one of the shuttles and have to be at the Institute at 10 AM.


There is absolutely no news, I could find this morning, pertaining to the Smokies, other than the power going out at Cades Cove. There are no bear stories to tell.  I haven’t seen a bear in almost a week.  I did keep an eye on our smoking/grilling area from my home office yesterday.  Paula was smoking ribs.    

I worked at home yesterday, writing, designing and re-designing the fly fishing school pages on our website.

I counted our scheduled school days this year, not including January, November and December fly tying classes.  The total will exceed 40 days, also not including our new 101 free classes.  Most of these classes have been full.  Our school attendance has increased dramatically this year, thanks to Dan Munger’s efforts.  I check the enrollment fees every week and compare them to last year. In most cases, our school business is up 50% to 100% each week, from the year before.  I don’t know what that number is for the year or I would tell you.   

I also counted the number of instructors.  There are eleven.  Three of those only teach one class per year. Others teach a lot of classes.

We have been teaching classes for 18 years.  I don’t know how many hundreds or thousands of anglers, got their start here but it is significant.  I think Dan’s goal is to build our school with more advanced instruction classes offered. He will let me know and I’ll build the web pages.

Townsend and our store is a perfect place for a fly fishing school.  We have plenty of parking and a large classroom.  We have more than ample grassy areas for lawn casting.  We have restaurants to provide our special lunches for students.  And, we have the National Park just minutes away for on-stream fishing and aquatic entomology classes.  There are accommodations for any budget.  Campgrounds, cabins and motels surround our store.  For those in a party who are not taking a class, there are other things to do. 

Townsend is the perfect setting.  It’s a place, people like to visit, and take a class.

You can look at every page on this website.  Look at the sign in front of our store.  You will see the words, “Fly Shop and Fly Fishing School”.  Those words have been part of our identity for years.  We are a fly shop and fly fishing school!

So, our school grows and grows quickly.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
June 20, 2015

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