Townsend, Tennessee - Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, East Tennessee and Western North Carolina

Welcome to the Fishing Report from the Great Smoky Mountains.  At 5:51 am, it is foggy and 68 degrees.  Today is my day off this week and it’s going to be hot, 96 degrees.  Tomorrow will be about the same.  Then, a cold front with rain will move into our area.  Saturday will be cooler and there is at least an 80% chance for thunderstorms.


Little River is flowing very low at 41 cubic feet per second (cfs) or 1.15 feet on the flow gauge.  Median flow for this date is 125 cfs.  The water temperature at the Townsend Park Entrance is 74.7 degrees.  Yesterday, the high water temperature recorded there was over 80 degrees.

Other streams in the region are flowing relatively higher.  Tellico River is flowing at 104 cfs and median flow there for this date is 123 cfs.  Cataloochee Creek is flowing at 40 cfs compared to median flow of 67 cfs. 


Warm water in the low elevations is unhealthy for trout.  They are stressed.  If you fish today, go to the higher elevation streams, where the water is cold.  Most of the brook trout streams should be fine.  I’m not sure what the water temperature is on Lynn Camp Prong.  You may also find higher flows in other streams in the Park.  Dry flies are working.  Inchworm and terrestrial flies will produce for you.  Green and Pink Weenies are a good choice.

You may do well on upper Abrams Creek near the Falls trailhead.  I don’t know what the water levels look like there, but the water is usually cooler due to inflow from springs.


Fish the Clinch River if flows allow.  The water is cold, fishing is good and some nice trout have been caught lately using sulphur mayfly patterns when the mayfly adults are on the water.

Smallmouth bass fishing is very good on the Holston and French Broad rivers.


Paula and I may take our kayaks to one of the lakes today.  With this heat, I’m not sure we will go.  If you plan to fish the lakes today, go very early or late.  The sun will be shining, the water is warm, and the shallow water fishing with fly rods will probably be slow during the day. 


Matt Kulp, who is in charge of fisheries at Great Smoky Mountains National Park came by my office yesterday.  We talked for a while.  He verified what I heard earlier this week.  They are doing fish population monitoring this week on Lynn Camp Prong.  The brook trout are doing great.  The population numbers are far exceeding what they saw last year, at least in the higher elevations.  They are capturing many young of the year brookies.


At 8:30 am today, the U.S. Drought Monitor web site will be updated. You can see the new report by CLICKING HERE.  I have no idea what to expect.  June rainfall has been about normal as recorded at the Knoxville Airport. That has not been the case in the Little River Watershed.  The rain has been missing us here.  May was very dry.

We will certainly enjoy the cooler temperatures and rain expected this weekend.


Dan and I are working on our warmwater fly selection.  Yesterday we ordered Boogle Bug poppers to sell in the shop and online.  We are working on selections from other fly companies. 

Boogle Bug poppers are not cheap.  But, they are well made and durable.  They are also beautiful, with multiple coats of clear coat finish over a painted cork body. We will have some models in stock next week. 

We will also be offering some mid-priced warmwater outfits, made up from Temple Fork rods, Orvis reels and Rio bass fly lines.  They will be the same outfits Paula and I use.

I love top end fly rods, like most people do.  But, since we often fish from boats, in deep water, we use lower priced gear, in case we drop one into the water, to be lost forever.  Maybe I’m too practical. 

The truth is, Temple Fork rods cast very well.  I think the BVK model is an exceptional fly rod.  That rod and the Professional Series, which costs less than the BVK, cast almost identical in my opinion.  The notable difference in the two rods is, the BVK is lighter and prettier.  Most of the warmwater rods Paula and I use, are the lower priced Professional Series.

We use the Rio Smallmouth Bass fly lines and love them.  That is the fly line we will be selling as part of our warmwater outfits. 

These outfits will be on our website soon and sold with free ground shipping.  They are available now if you call the shop to order.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
June 25, 2015

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