Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  We got some rain and parts of our County got lots of it.  The Airport reported 2.53” yesterday.  That was a record for the date.  There was 1.10” in our gauge.  Little River looks much better.  The flow peaked higher then dropped down to it’s current level of 145 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Normal for this date is 134 cfs.  All the streams in the Park that have gauges are showing levels above normal this morning. 

There are more thunderstorms on the way.  We have an 80% chance today and it looks like it’s going to happen according to the radar.   So, fishing conditions are improving.  I noticed Brian’s truck was in the parking lot when I got here today.  He’s out fishing with someone. 

Little River is clear.  We didn’t get the rain in the mountains like we did at the airport.  Some of the thunderstorms yesterday moved north of us after clobbering the NW part of Blount County.  The foliage is green again, the mountains are clearly visible and it looks great around here.

It is still going to be warm.  We’ll probably hit the mid 90’s on Thursday.  So, you will probably do better fishing in the higher elevation streams.  You will do well up  there.  That doesn’t mean you can’t catch trout down low, especially if you go early in the mornings.  But, I would hike in for a ways and find water in the 65 degree range or cooler.  In town the water is 70 degrees this morning. 

There is going to be some generation going on at many of our TVA dams.  You can find a favorable schedule if you look and are willing to make adjustments in your schedule. 

Trout in the Smokies will hit about anything right now.  I would still use yellow mayflies, stoneflies or caddis.  Yellow is a good color right now.  But, you will do fine with a Parachute Adams or Green Weenie too.  The trout are still going to be in the riffles, hiding in the pockets behind rocks and other obstructions that break the current.  The water is still on the warm side so dissolved oxygen is going to draw the trout to the riffles.

We’ve been pretty busy here.  I’m kind of surprised since this is the week after a holiday.  Mail order has been strong though not as many customers are coming through the doors.  That’s typical for this week and we expected it.  We’re doing better than I thought we would though.  Traffic on the streets was light this morning.  I only saw four cars on my way to work.  The restaurant parking lots were almost empty.

The traditional tourist season as we know it will be over in two to three weeks.  Schools are starting back the first week in August in many southern cities.  Young families make up a large part of our vacation visitors during the summer.  After school starts back we’ll see a slowdown until it cools off in September and October.  Then the older visitors will be back.  It’s been that way for the 20 years I’ve lived here.  The difference is or so it seems, schools are starting back earlier.

Daniel just told me we got some Stealth Bombers in yesterday.  They’ve been hard to get.  We order them from a company who ties them just the way Kent Edmonds likes them.  Kent invented the fly.  He should know.  Those flies are working well now for bass and bluegill in lakes, rivers and ponds.  I’ll receive them and have those flies on the wall in a little while.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
July 13, 2010

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