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Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is warm already and the sun is shining in Townsend.  The heat wave continues and we’ll see highs in the 90’s every day until Monday.  It is going to be humid too, resulting in heat indices over 100 degrees. 

We have a fairly good chance for rain today, probably as scattered thunderstorms in the late afternoon.  We could use more rain.  Little River is flowing below normal.  Flow is currently reported at 75 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date is 116 cfs.

Fishing is fair.  In the lower elevation streams you need to be on the water at daybreak.  After the sun comes up it will slow down.  At that point you need to move to the higher elevations to find cooler water.  Ethan went up high yesterday and caught some brook trout.  Later in the day he stopped at Metcalf Bottoms and tried there.  Fishing was slow.  The trout are in the riffles and pockets.  Dry flies seem to be working best.  Patterns are not as important as presentation.  You’ve got to get a good drift.

Fishing on the lakes is fair but again you need to be in the water at daybreak.  The smallmouth bass have been picky.  Ethan found the fly, the Gummy Minnow.  He caught a bunch of smallies on the Gummy.  These flies are very realistic looking.  With the very clear water we have now in the lakes this imitation may be the key.  They are expensive!  Why?  Five bucks?  First, the materials are expensive.  And, during my feeble attempt to make these things I wasted almost all the expensive materials I bought, then gave up.  But, you shouldn’t lose many and maybe they are worth it. 

Rick Pope just called.  He is the President of Temple Fork.  Great news!  He and his folks at TFO, including Lefty Kreh, will be back for Troutfest 2011.  Rick is the man!  I’m excited.  The bad news is, Rick was bitten by a rattlesnake at his ranch in Texas.  He’s going to be OK.  The snake got him on the ankle.   

We are bringing Joe Humphreys back to Troutfest.  I don’t know about Bob Clouser yet.  Maybe I’ll find out today.  I think Tom Rosenbauer will be here.  It is going to be quite an event next year.  Our first big Steering Committee meeting will be held August 15th.  We are already planning and working.  It’s a huge project.

The tubers and landowners on Little River are at odds again.  People who own property on the Little River and those who live on the river are tired of tubers getting out of their tubes and walking in their yards.  I don’t blame them.  This problem has been going on for a long time, it keeps getting worse and the long term affect will certainly affect fishermen.  I don’t like that of course.  You can read the article in the DAILY TIMES HERE.

I don’t usually talk about politics on the Fishing Report.  I’m not a big party man in the political sense of the word.  Sometimes I vote Republican and sometimes Democrat.  I consider myself as a voter who favors the person, not their Party most of the time.  I do talk about Government here, mainly our local Governments.  I know most of the officials in our County.  I serve on the Planning Commission in Townsend.  Government is important to me.

What you see below is an announcement that Bill Haslam, who is running for Governor of Tennessee will be at the shop Monday afternoon for you to meet.  I met Bill last year.  I was invited to participate in a business roundtable discussion with Bill.  I was one of 16 business owners.  We met for over an hour, we asked him questions and he gave us his answers.  I remember asking about our sales tax.  I also sat next to his wife Crissy and we talked to each other at times.  I like them both very much.  And, I think he will make a great Governor.  I am going to vote for him.

He is making a whistle stop in Townsend on Monday and needed a good place to park the bus and meet a lot of people.  Our store is perfect for that.  Everyone in this area knows where we are.  We are next to the Post Office.  Our building is easy to see.  Our street has little traffic.  Traffic control while Bill is here can easily be managed if needed.  I think Bill is a good guy and I am honored they asked to hold the event here.

But really, what is most important to me, anything I can do to get more people involved in government and vote is a duty.  Though I’m voting for Bill, if one of his opposing candidates asked to use our store for a whistle stop I would oblige.  I just think it is important for people to meet candidates.  It will be fun too.  You should think about being here.  So, that’s why the announcement is placed below.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
July 22, 2010

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