Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  Townsend is fairly busy this morning, even at 8:15 when I drove to work.  I guess people are getting things done before the BTUs are turned up this afternoon.  Some weather websites are saying 98 degrees today.  I drove to the see my doctor yesterday, walked out of the building, got in my truck and headed to Knoxville.  And, I’ll be darned if my Chevy wasn’t lying to me.  The digital thermometer in my rear-view mirror read 74 degrees.  By the time I got to Maryville my good old “Made in the USA” (assembled in Mexico) truck decided it was 95 degrees.

Little River is low and slow.  Current flow is 58 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date is 112 cfs.  It is going to cool off later next week and we should get some rain.  Maybe by the weekend we’ll have some higher and cooler water.   

If you go fishing today in the Park you should be done by now and headed home.  Or, you could drive up high and find a cool stream.  I guess there are cool streams up there.  With highs in the high 90’s and lows in the mid 70’s you would think nothing would be cool except for the refrigerator and hopefully your house.  But there is some cool water up high and you can catch some trout. 

I would fish dry flies and probably my choice would be a beetle or ant.  Watch out for snakes.  When it is dry like this snakes like to hang out around water.  That’s where they can get a good meal.  Rodents, salamanders and fish are going to be close to water.  That offers food for the snakes and food for thought.  Watch where you step and where you reach. 

The lakes are fishing pretty good early in the mornings before the sun gets high and the jet ski hatch begins.  Weekends are not a good time to be on the lakes this time of year.  Like the Park streams with the tubers, the lakes have the personal watercraft and boats that don’t have rod holders and trolling motors.  To some they are pleasure craft.  To others they are vessels of annoyance.  Some pleasure boaters are sensitive and courteous to anglers.  Then there are people like the water skier I hooked when I was a kid by accident.  He deserved what he got. It really was an accident that I hooked the guy.

I guess I’m sounding kind of negative today.  I feel positive about work, friends and family.  And next week Paula and I are taking two days off to fish.  The boat will stay hooked up to my “Made in the USA” (assembled in Mexico) suburban.  I like those days.  We’ll pick a lake or two and hopefully be on the water at dawn.  Maybe the smallmouth bass will be hungry, near the surface and feeding on Stealth Bombers or Gummy Minnows.  Then, I’ll feel better about the fishing.  The “Dog Days” will end soon, the tubers will be gone, the vessels of annoyance will thin out and the fishermen will be the majority again. 

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
July 24, 2010

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