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Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is sunny and 68 degrees this morning.  This is the first morning in a while that the temperature has been below 70 when I drive to work.  This low temperature is still way above normal.  Traffic was brisk.  Frank was waiting at the bank for someone to drive by grossly exceeding the speed limit.  On Sundays, he catches people leaving the park and town.  People are in a hurry to get home.  So, he will write a few speeding tickets today.  On Saturdays, the offenders are often folks heading to Cades Cove with the bicycles attached to their vehicle.  They are in a hurry to get there.

I saw a lot of people riding bicycles and waking on the trails through town.  When it is cooler, people get out and exercise. 

There will be a lull in visitation starting tomorrow.  Kids are going back to school next week in many towns and rural areas.  August is a quiet and peaceful month in Townsend.

Flow in Little River is 63 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date is 131 cfs.  The water temperature at the “Y” is 72.6 degrees.

I did not talk to one returning fisherman yesterday.  I did speak to a few who were going fishing but there were not many of them.  It’s so hot.  The water levels are very low too.  Those are two discouraging conditions that keep anglers at home or going somewhere else. 

Fishing has to be slowing down.  You can still catch trout.  The fishing will be better in the higher elevations and in the backcountry.  One goal today will be to get away from people.  Trout may consider most of the streams in the lower elevations to be too warm.  Jump in and you will find that people think the water is cold.  It is.  So, expect to see people swimming, laying in the water, lawn chairs out in the shallow pools and tubers.  Get into the backcountry and you can get away from all of that.

If you fish, use Yellow Sally Stonefly imitations, beetles and Green Weenies.  A Chernobyl Ant in black might be the ticket too.  Hit the shady banks with that fly.  You might be surprised.

The tailwaters are fishing really well for smallmouth bass.  Fishing in the lowland rivers for smallies should be best early and late.  Those bass won’t be in the shallow water during the day, not when conditions are like this.   

A lot of our customers are in the Rockies.  Two people who work here are in the Rockies right now.  It is 37 degrees in West Yellowstone right now.  Wouldn’t that feel good?  The high temperature there is supposed to be 83 degrees.  Bozeman will have a high today of 88 degrees. It is hot out there too, during the day.

The Greenbelt Lake in downtown Maryville is being dredged and improved.  You can read the article in the Daily Times by CLICKING HERE.  The cost to do this was over $3 million.  I’m working on a lake project here and I’ve been in contact with the same Government agency people at Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and the Corps of Engineers.  So, I’ve learned a lot lately about lakes. 

This one has been particularly well designed and the high price tag bears that out.  A wetland buffer area will surround the lake.  There will be plenty of shallow water where aquatic plants can grow.  They also create a nursery for small fish.  A weir dam will trap silt at the upper end of the lake so hopefully this dredging won’t have to be done again for many years.  This lake is going to be nice.

Fly fishermen enjoyed this small urban reservoir before the project began.  Fishing will be even better now after the bluegill and bass re-establish.  I’m looking forward to fishing there again.  The aquatic ecosystem restoration project is expected to be complete in October. 

Tomorrow night we are holding our Friends of Great Smoky Mountains National Park Blount County Neighbors Host Committee Reunion.  It will be held at the Barn Event Center in Townsend.  Basically, we hold a fundraiser in the Fall to raise money for “Friends”.  That event is held at Ruby Tuesday Lodge in Maryville.  We usually have about 200 people there and I think we donate $100 each.  It’s a lot of fun and I get to see people that I haven’t seen since the last event. 

Paula and I will be adding invitees to the list tomorrow night.  There will be some discussion about the event.  This get-together is a lot of fun so I’m looking forward to it.  We have been on the host committee since the event first started years ago.   

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
July 29, 2012

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