Townsend, Tennessee
August 1, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is sunny and cool this morning.  The forest and lawns are wet.  When I got home from work last night I saw several wild turkeys scattered in fields and near the road to our house.  Some were youngsters and some were old.  

One of our neighbors stopped by the shop yesterday and told Paula a bear was on their porch.  Uh oh, they are back.  Another neighbor has some bird feeders or probably had some.   

Little River and all streams in the Park are running at full blast.  Little River is still muddy.  Yesterday we got another 2.45 inches of rain at the shop.  Rescue vehicles were busy all around our county.  One woman was rescued from here stalled vehicle in window deep water by our Police Chief, Ronnie Suttles.  Go Ronnie! A home on Wears Valley Road almost flooded and the family was rescued.  Roads were closed due to flooding.  Cades Cove Loop Road was closed yesterday.

Currently, Little River’s flow is at 759 cubic feet per second.  At one point yesterday it reached almost 2,000 cfs, which I think was a record for yesterday’s date.  Today’s record was set in 1971 at 1,680 cfs.  Normal for today is 120 cfs. 

A woman was sitting on the bank of Little River at Metcalf Bottoms according to the Knoxville newspaper.  A ranger thought her demeanor was odd so he checked on her.  She stood up and jumped into the river.  The ranger threw a rescue bag but was unable to snag her.  She disappeared.  Little River was closed from Metcalf Bottoms downstream to the “Y”.  Search teams combed the river banks until dark.  The search continued this morning at daybreak.  As far as I know she has not been found.  I looked carefully around the swinging bridge this morning. The water is so turbid you couldn’t see anyone unless they were hung on a tree and on the surface.  This search could take a while.

According to the Park Service the Cades Cove Loop, Hyatt Lane, Rich Mountain and Parsons Branch Roads are closed due to flooding and downed trees.  Little River Road between Metcalf Bottoms and the Townsend “Y” is still closed.

Yesterday I ran to Maryville to the drug store.  I followed Little River much of the trip.  It was out of it’s banks.  Hesse Creek was flooded and running through a field. Perry’s Mill Dam had almost a constant flow over it.  It might have dropped 3 feet if that.

I’ve been getting e-mails from customers who were planning to be here this weekend to fish.  Yesterday’s replies were the same.  The odds are not in your favor.  The streams will probably be blown out.  I also mentioned in the Fishing Report to change your plans and do something else.  The rain and stream conditions were actually worse than I thought they would be.

My advice today is also to do something else besides fishing in the Park.  It is dangerous and roads are closed. I would suspect that most streams and rivers in our region are muddy, swollen and dangerous.  And, to make matters worse, the National Weather Service is saying we have a 90% chance for more rain tomorrow.  I would guess the lakes are muddy which means the tailwaters are too.  We have had over 5” of rain at the shop in three days.  I heard one report of 8” yesterday at one location in our County.  This is not a good time to be on the water.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
August 1, 2009

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