Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  There is some activity in our town.  Families with children from other states are taking last minute vacations before school starts.  I talked to some kids yesterday.  Where many of them live school does not start until September.  There were lots of people walking and bicycling around town.  It is fairly cool this morning and tonight, the temperature is supposed to drop to 66 degrees.  But for the next few days we’ll see temperatures creep into the low to mid 90’s. 

The water flow in Little River has dropped again, below normal.  Discharge is calculated to be 96 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date is 120 cfs.  I looked at the fishing report for this day last year.  It is located on the archive on the lower left side of this page.  The flow was double normal.  The water temperature this morning was 72 degrees in town.

I would make the trek above Elkmont or drive up highway 441 and fish some streams up high today.  Tomorrow, I would fish down low but be on the water very early.  The water, even in the lower elevations should be cooler tomorrow unless we have some kind of temperature inversion.  The trout should be active.  I would fish above Metcalf Bottoms or on the upper Middle Prong of the Little River early tomorrow.  Then, be prepared to move to the higher elevations later.

Concentrate on shaded areas.  The trout will be in the choppy water.  Stay hidden and use light tippet.  I would use dry flies such as a Parachute Adams, Yellow Stone or Stimulator, beetles and ants.  Drop a Green Weenie or other nymph off the dry.

You might want to fish a tailwater.  The Clinch River is usually very cold.  That would feel good if you are wading.  Floating would be hot.  The lakes are warm.  Fishing is better early in the mornings.  Bluegill are hitting on top. 

I’ve been expanding our popper selection in the shop.  We’ve got a ton of them.  Our best selling colors are chartreuse and black.  Where we do most of our lake fishing, black works best.  Though I make my own poppers, we have some downstairs that I might buy.  The best popper for the money is the Walt’s Popper.  They are durable and they work.  The Boogle poppers and sliders are beautiful and more expensive.  I really like the way they look.  I just got in some Gummy Minnows and more Todd’s Wiggle Minnows yesterday.  They are selling fast.  But they are in stock now.  You will find the best selection of warmwater flies in our shop than you have ever seen here.  Oh, don’t forget Stealth Bombers.  We’ve got a bunch of them too.

Warmwater fly fishing is getting more popular around here.  I’m lining up the fly tyers for Troutfest 2011 and many of them specialize in bass flies.  Bob Clouser is one of them.  He started his fly fishing career guiding clients for smallmouth bass.  The Clouser Minnow evolved and became the best selling streamer in the country.  Bob designed it to work and be tied fast. The Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania is his home water.  Clients lost lots of flies on those float trips.  Bob had to keep a lot of them in stock. 

Bob taught a fly tying class at the shop around ten years ago.  We had someone drop out at the last minute so I took the class.  I learned a lot from Bob that day.  That’s when I first started using epoxy and I use it today on many of the patterns I tie.  I’m working on a new minnow pattern now and I hope to try it out next week.  It requires two coats of 5 minute epoxy.  If it works I’ll share this new pattern with you.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
August 7, 2010 

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