Townsend, Tennessee - Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, East Tennessee and Western North Carolina

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is sunny and 60 degrees in Townsend this morning.  Wow, if feels like Fall.  Frank was parked along the road in his new Tahoe Police Vehicle watching for speeders.  We waved as I drove by pulling our boat.  Traffic is light.  This is transition time in the tourism business.  Tourism drives our economy here.  Our economy is not driving very fast right now. 

Little River looked awesome.  I have never seen an August like this one.  Right now, the flow is 176 cubic feet per second (cfs) or 1.9 feet on the gauge.  Median flow for this date is 109 cfs.  The water temperature is a chilly 64.5 degrees.  The water is clear.

Great news!  United States Geological Survey (USGS) placed the water temperature on the Little River flow page again.  They took it off a few years ago and I don’t know why.  The temperature probe has always been there.  It never went away.  The temperature could be found on another USGS page.  CLICK HERE to see what I’m talking about.  Or, you can click on the link to the left anytime you want to see the current flow and now the current water temperature.

Fly fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains is good, very good.  The conditions we have now defy anything I’ve seen before during the late Summer months.  The good news is, these fishing conditions will continue at least through the next 10 days.  We do have a chance for rain every day.  The chance will be about 50% this weekend.  If it rains, it should be scattered.  It is going to be cool too with highs in the high 70’s.  Lows at night will be in the low 60’s.  

Dry flies with droppers are working very well.  Try a black foam beetle with a Green Weenie dragging behind.  All yellow sally stonefly patterns will work.  Parachute Adams dry flies are producing well. 

The tailwaters, Clinch River and the Holston River are fishing well too.  Great generation schedules have been rare this year for those wanting to wade all day.  But, there are times when you can fish these rivers most days.  Where you fish is controlled by the turbines if you are wading.  You can figure out what to do and where to be when you know the schedule and there are no last minute changes made.  Check the TVA website for the latest info.

Paula and I fished for 5 hours yesterday on the lake.  When we launched the parking lot was full of trucks and trailers.  But, we hardly saw any boats on the lake.  The wind was blowing strong out of the East.  According to Walter, the fishing is always slow under those conditions.  Fishing was slow.  Paula didn’t even fish.  She sat in her seat and read. If I had started catching a bunch of fish, she would have put down her Kindle and fished.   

I tried everything fighting the wind, controlling the boat and casting a fly rod.  I only managed to land one bass.  I had several bass hit my Dragon pattern.  I kept missing them.  I think the problem is the hook I tie these on.  It is a 2457 #6.  It’s great for big bluegill and smallmouth bass.  I’m not hooking the largemouth bass.  I tied a dragon this morning on a Gamakatsu B10 S stinger hook and I’ll tie several this week.  That will take care of the problem.

Fishing Dragons can be very effective, especially during the Summer when the bass are deeper.  It can also be frustrating because you get hung up on tree limbs.  I lost two dragons yesterday.  I’m going to rig up a lure retriever for flies like the conventional fishermen use, but in a smaller size.  All I need is a fairly heavy weight and a way to hook in on my leader.  I’m not sure what kind of ring I’ll use to attach the retriever to my leader.  Maybe a good old paper clip will work.

I did find some big carp swimming and layed up in some grass beds.  I had two or three follows.  Carp like Dragons.  I like fly fishing for carp.  The problems is, I don’t catch many.  Next week when we go fishing, I know exactly where we are going to go and exactly what flies I will be fishing.  I even looked at the water on Google Earth this morning.  The problem is, I have to wait one week and there is always the chance we can’t go due to bad weather. 

We ran into a couple of guys launching kayaks yesterday morning at the lake.  They had planned to fish Little River in the lower section.  They said the water was muddy downstream. It was clear in Townsend when we left yesterday morning.

You should plan to go fishing in the Smokies right now.  We may never have a Summer like this one again.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
August 15, 2013

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