Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report from the Great Smoky Mountains.  There is not much activity in our town this morning.  I saw a few people walking when I came to work.  There were almost no cars on the streets.  The temperature at 8:15 am was 68 degrees.  This date marks the beginning of a cooling trend that we all have been waiting for.  After today, we’ll see highs in the 80’s and lows in the 60’s.  Weather forecasters believe the mercury will drop to 61 degrees Thursday night.  The could mean it will actually dip into the 50’s in the valley and the 40’s high in the mountains.  This is going to be a nice week.

Anglers were active this weekend.  The trout are more active than they have been.  Some people are fishing in the lower elevations and doing quite well.  Most of them are looking for larger trout in the East Prong of Little River.  Water flow is normal.  Today Little River is flowing at 115 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date is 109 cfs.  Cooler water temperatures will equate to better trout fishing especially closer to the valleys.  Fishing has been very good high in the mountains due to the cool water.  But, we are going to see more angler activity on the rivers and lakes due to cooler water and comfortable conditions. 

Dry flies, nymphs and streamers are all working well.  If you are fishing the larger rivers a streamers like a Muddler Minnow might be the ticket.  Big nymphs might be as good or better.  In the riffles and runs a dry fly will work.  Pick a small Yellow Stimulator, beetle or Yellow Elk Hair Caddis.  Drop a small nymph or inchworm off the dry. 

Our internet activity has “spiked up” recently.  The numbers this weekend, were very unusual, on the high side.  We had over 4,400 unique visitors on Saturday and 4,296 yesterday.  We always have lower visitation on the weekends.  And lately on weekdays, visitation has been between 3,000 and 3,800 per day.  I don’t know why we would have over 4,000 visitors on a weekend day all of a sudden.

There is big road news today. I’m not referring to the road through our town.  The subject of building a new interstate from Savannah, Georgia to Knoxville is back on the table.  Though routes have not been established and really this is only in the planning phase again there is no doubt that interstate highway would be built through our County. 

This idea surfaced a few years ago.  Environmentalists strongly oppose the plan. This may not happen.  You can read the story on the Daily Times Website HERE. Additionally, finishing the Pellissippi Parkway to near Townsend has been contested by many people and supported by others.  This Parkway runs from Knoxville and ends in Alcoa/Maryville. If finished it would probably terminate at Highway 321 not far from Townsend.   You can read about it HERE. Both projects would make it faster, easier and safer to get to Townsend. Would that be good or bad?

I went home early yesterday to tie some flies and try out a new product we are stocking called Exo-Flex.  I tried this new body material on one fly but I don’t have enough experience to give my opinion.  We should be receiving a shipment of Clear Cure Goo this week.  We will be stocking their complete line of products.  I’m looking forward to trying that.  I watched a video last night showing how to add a diving lip to a streamer using CCG. 

Last night I did figure out how to tie a Puglisi Shad Minnow with a marabou tail.  Jack was talking about trying that a few weeks ago.  I don’t know if he has worked on the fly.  I think this will be a killer smallmouth, trout and striper fly.  If it works as well as I think it will, saltwater flies could be tied using the same method.  I tie a lot of Puglisi flies for fresh and saltwater and adding a marabou tail to give the fly more action required thinking out of the box.  I had to change my whole construction process that I’ve been using for ten years. 

A Puglisi Threadfin Shad pattern is one of the best flies I have ever used.  The problem is, you can’t buy them in a fly shop.  You have to learn to tie them and they take a lot of time.  You can buy a Pulgisi Minnow that is close to a shad replica though. Using Prismacolor Markers can make a close transformation. Those with a marabou tail took about 45 minutes each because of the careful trimming that is required.  I think I can speed that up.  When we get the Clear Cure Goo in stock, I’ll add a diving and wiggle producing lip and see how that works out. 

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
August 23, 2010

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