Townsend, Tennessee - Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, East Tennessee and Western North Carolina

Welcome to the Fishing Report from Townsend, Tennessee in the Great Smoky Mountains. The time is 5:35 am.  The temperature is 67.3 degrees. 

I always include the time I take the water level and temperature readings, every morning.  I do that because conditions change throughout the day.  Flow in Little River may be low at this time of the morning.  Then rain may cause the river to rise.  The numbers you see on this page don’t change for 24 hours.

You won’t see the flow or water temperature again this morning.  The USGS Townsend Flow Gauge is not transmitting data and it has not done so since Friday afternoon. 

Two events can cause this.  The actual gauge station just inside the Park entrance can have a malfunction.  Data is transmitted live from the gauge site, via satellite to the USGS office in Nashville.  That can be something as simple as a tree branch falling, and blocking the sending unit from the gauge to the satellite.

Or, there could be a problem at the Nashville USGS office.  Maybe their equipment is not operating correctly, and the data we normally see on the internet is not available. Maybe it is a website issue. I think this is the case. 

None of the USGS gauges in our area are working.  Both Little River sites, Little Pigeon River, Hiwassee River and the Clinch River in Tazwell are not showing data online.  The Tellico River gauge is not showing current data.  They all quit at the same time Friday.  Folks at the Nashville USGS office will probably fix this tomorrow when the all get back to work and find out their system is broken.  The water levels are transmitting on the North Carolina side of the Park.

Since it probably did not rain in the mountains yesterday or last night, my guess is the water levels are low today in the Great Smoky Mountains.  The water temperature is likely warmer this morning than it was yesterday at this time.

We have a fair chance for rain today and tonight.  We could use it.

If you fish in the Smokies today, go to the mid to high elevations, where the water is colder.  Use dries or nymphs, but most importantly is stealth.  Stay hidden from the trout.  Fish the broken water below plunge pools, in pockets or near deep runs.

Check the TVA tailwater flow information on the Clinch and Holston Rivers.  You may have some wade fishing for trout opportunities today.

The lakes are fly fishing well.  You should either be launching your boat right now, or go this evening.  Fish early or late.  The exception to that is cloud cover.  We may have clouds today.  I’m fairly sure we will. Warmwater fish are just like trout.  They don’t like being in shallow water when the sun is bright.  I’ve seen bass and bluegill move into shallow water quickly, when the sun is obscured by a cloud.  Then, the sun pops back out, and the fish disappear.  When the sun is shining, I try to find shaded banks.

I hardly ever fish with sinking fly lines.  So, I’m always trying to find fish in shallow water.

I’ve been busy re-designing web pages on this site.  Lately, I overhauled our school pages, making them easier to find.  I re-arranged this page late last week.  Friday and yesterday, I re-designed and re-wrote our home page.  There is more to be done.  Then, I’ll get back to updating the online store. Today I will be building a new BoogleBug store.  And, I will go to the shop and pay bills today.

I have to update our website.  That is a totally different website from this one. I’m going to break down the categories into smaller categories, then add the new 2016 merchandise and delete discontinued items.

Paula and a bunch of our friends were planning to float the Hiwassee River today in kayaks.  The outfitter called yesterday to cancel their trip.  Evidently, there is a problem with a generator at the dam.  They need generation and flow to float. 

The Weather Channel is predicting “Much Above Average” temperatures for much of the East United States in September.  It will be cooler than average in the West.  You can see their predictions by CLICKING HERE.  I hope September is wet.

Dan Munger sent me some photos from airport in Calgary, BC yesterday.  He and Pat are home now. Dan will be back to work at the shop tomorrow.  Look at that bull trout Dan caught!  Those fish are beautiful.  Evidently, they caught quite a few bulls and also some big cutthroat trout.  Dan told me in the e-mail, it was like fishing in Yellowstone, without all the people.  They had a great fishing trip. Dan has a story about the "One that got away".

Dan Munger holding a bull trout he caught in British Columbia.

It is Sunday.  We are open as usual from 9 am until 5 pm.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
August 30, 2015

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