Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It was very foggy and 64 degrees when I left home for work at a little after 8:00 am.  I park my truck in what we call the lower driveway, a narrow road that meanders through the forest.  I got in, started the engine and right ahead of me in the drive was a turkey, just standing there.  I pulled forward and she walked off the drive and into the woods.  These birds disappear when the do that.  They blend in so well.  I finally spotted her about 30 feet away and there was that young poult I’ve been seeing lately.  It’s about 14” tall.  I had never seen one that small this late.  But, people on the message board and an e-mail from Jim Casada informed me that this happens all the time.  A hen loses her clutch for some reason, probably a predator, then they mate again later in the year.  I drove down the private gravel road that leads to our house and near the field where our barn is located a turkey ran out and flew a short distance.  This was a good turkey morning.

It’s going to be hot today, tomorrow and Thursday during the day.  It is going to be cool at night though.  Saturday sounds beautiful, sunny with a high of 80 and a low of 57.  That’s more like it.

Little River is slowly dropping.  We may get some rain Friday.  Flow is currently 57 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date is 86 cfs.  So what does a difference of 29 cfs look like?  To me it looks about the same.  Actually I did the math.  Hopefully I did it correctly.  At a gauge reading of 1.4 feet the flow is 54.4 cfs.  At a gauge reading of 1.6 the flow is 87.3 cfs.  So the difference between the two is 2/10 of a foot or 1/5.  1/5 of a foot is 2.44”.  Right?  Maybe I’m wrong.  If I am right, the difference between the flow today and normal is, the river level is 2.44” below normal.  That is hardly noticeable to me.  The water temperature is 69 degrees in town.  I’m sure that is above normal but we are going to see that drop over the weekend and beyond.

Successful fly fishing in the Park is going to require stealth, lighter tippets and getting a good drift.  It is going to be hot during the day so you might want to fish the higher elevation streams if you are planning an all day trip.  Or, fish down low early then move higher later.  The trout are going to be hiding in rougher water or under cover.  Brown trout tend to like slower water and cover.  I would use a terrestrial pattern like a beetle or some high floating fly that looks like one.  A plain looking Chernoble Ant might work.  Any ant pattern might work.  I think most important this time of year is to get a good drift and don’t spook the fish.  They are looking for food and they are watching for predators including you.

Below is another baitfish pattern I tied a few of to try.  I don’t think I invented anything but I bet this will work and it is fast to tie.  It’s easy.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
August 31, 2010

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Baitfish pattern "No Name" 
This baitfish fly is quick and easy. Simply tie in some marabou for the tail then tie in some pearl colored Pearl Chenille where you tied in the tail. Wrap your thread forward to the eye. Then wrap the pearl chenille forward with more wraps near the head for a larger profile. Use a cool gray prismacolor marker to color the back of the fly and the top of the tail.
Smaller Version of Baitfish Fly  
Using pointed scissors, cut away the chenille fibers where the eyes will be attached. Don't cut the thread holding the chenille fibers. Dab some 5 minute epoxy in the eye cavity then place the eye in the cavity. These flies are tied on Gamakatsu stinger hooks. The fly on top is a #2 and the one to the left is a #6.



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