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Welcome to the Fishing Report from Townsend, Tennessee in the Great Smoky Mountains.  At 6:14 am, the temperature is 67.5 degrees. It is going to rain, finally.  We have an 80% chance today and a 70% chance tomorrow.  The chance is good for rain every day through Saturday, except Friday. 

Tomorrow will bring cool temperatures.  Highs through Saturday will be in the low 80’s to mid 70’s.  Lows will drop to the mid 60’s and further to the low 50’s Saturday night. Low temperatures are expected to drop into the 40’s Sunday and Monday. Now this is what I’ve been waiting for, more water and cool air.

So, get your fly fishing gear back out and go fishing.  I hope it doesn’t rain too much.  All I’m asking for is “perfect”. 

The water in the low elevations is still warm, for now.  Fish today in the mid to high elevations where the water is cooler.  Take a rain jacket.  Watch for rising water.

I wish it wouldn’t rain tomorrow.  Thursday is my day off this week.  Oh well, you can’t get everything.  I’ll take the rain and keep the boat in the boathouse.

Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains is going to change for the better.  The low elevation streams are going to be cool.  You will be able to fish the larger rivers.  And, that trend is going to last, probably through September 23rd.  Fall fishing has arrived, almost.

One of my friends, who was wade fishing in Little River, was asked to leave the area where he was fishing this week.  The landowner on the other side of the river from Dock’s Motel, told him to stay off his land, or he would call the police and have him cited for trespassing. This has happened before of course.  I know one fisherman who was actually ticketed for trespassing.  He refused to leave. That was not a good idea.

Of course, Sharon, who owns Dock’s, was upset.  She came to our store and met with Paul and Daniel yesterday.  Daniel got our police chief involved. I drove to Dock’s Motel and talked to Sharon.

The problem is, landowners own the river bottom.  Some don’t mind if fishermen trespass.  Others do.  We don’t know who cares and who doesn’t.  We don’t want to get a customer in trouble. So, we tell customers, fishing in town now, is not advisable, except in a couple of places.

Dock’s Motel is an awesome place to stay.  It is right on Little River.  You can fish there, just stay on her side of the river. Sharon runs a tight ship.  That place is spotless.  Dock’s has charm.  Fishermen love staying there.  The price is right. So, stay at Dock’s Motel, then drive a short distance to Great Smoky Mountains National Park to fish.  There, you will find hundreds of miles of wild trout streams, open to the public. You can visit Sharon's website by CLICKING HERE.

You can float anywhere on Little River in a canoe.  Now that is a great idea.  If this rain actually occurs, floating down the river in a canoe or kayak is next on my list.

I mentioned in a recent fishing report that Royalex is not manufactured anymore.  Royalex is a great material for making mid-priced canoes that slide over rocks quietly.  I have a Royalex canoe.  I was lamenting the fact that these great canoes are gone.  Well, I got an e-mail from Buddy in Huntsville.  He showed me a link to the Wenonah Canoe company, and a page depicting how their Royalex Canoes are made.  That is great news.  If something happens to mine, it can be replaced.  Wenonah makes great canoes.

Canoes are perfect fly fishing boats, unless it is extremely windy.  I bought mine about 35 years ago.  Together, we have done a lot of fly fishing, on lakes and rivers.  Paula and I plan to use it more, in the future.  I noticed on the Wenonah website, you can buy a 15’ Royalex canoe for $1,500 and some change.  Amortize that over 35 years.  It’s a bargain.

I always tell people to rent a canoe at River John’s, and float lower Little River to fish. The smallmouth bass fishing is awesome.  John offers a 7 mile float, in great canoes and takes care of the shuttle.  The cost is $40.  If you a splitting that with a friend, it’s $20 per person.  That’s a bargain too.  If you are visiting Townsend this Fall, when flows and the temperature are favorable, add that to your list.

Lake fishing is going to be great with these cooler temperatures.  Pick a cloudy day, during the Fall, and enjoy one of the many beautiful lakes in our area.  Bring your boat, canoe or kayak with you on your Fall vacation.  We can show you all kinds of places to go.  I think I counted 9 lakes within a 1.5 hour drive from here.  You can be on Tellico Lake in 45 minutes, driving from Townsend.

Chilhowee Lake is in the process of being drawn down. That started Monday night.  It has dropped 2 feet since Monday.  Brookfield Renewable Energy, who owns Chilhowee Dam, and several others on the Little Tennessee River, are lowering the lake to do some dam testing.  It will be lowered 40 feet.  I’ve been all over that lake in our boat, using a depth finder.  It’s hard to find 40’ of water most places there.  The lake will be drawn down to the original river bed and below.

I am going to work on our website all day today and wait for the rain.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
September 9, 2015

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