Townsend, Tennessee
September 11, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  The sun is shining this morning in Townsend.  The temperature was fairly cool as I left for work.  When I pulled out of the upper driveway onto the gravel road a flock of turkeys stood in my path.  Again, like almost every morning I had to creep along toward the big birds until they finally decided to walk into the woods.  I looked back after passing them and they were back in the road.

Little River is looking good today.  We got ¾ of an inch of rain yesterday.  Last night I was on the front porch and heard thunder in the direction of Cades Cove which is not far from our house.  Little River looked to be up about two inches from yesterday morning.

Yesterday I heard some customers say that the fishing was slow.  That might have been due to the front moving in.  And the water was a little low until we got the rain.  The water temperature is in a cooling off phase and it should continue to do that.  The water was 64 degrees early this morning, it’s much cooler than that in the Park especially a little higher up in elevation.  The high temperature today is supposed to be 79 degrees in the valley.  The low tonight is predicted to be 60 degreees.  We’ll stay in this temperature range or cooler for the next ten days.  The fishing is going to get good.  And, we should get some more rain over the next 10 days, especially late next week.

For flies I would use terrestrial dries like beetles, bees, yellow jackets and ants.  I would also use a Green Weenie.  The trout will probably hit about any normal trout fly that is presented well and by an angler who is well blended into the forest background.

Lewis came by yesterday.  I finally got to meet him. We had a great time.  We have been exchanging e-mail for a while, at least a year or maybe two.  Lewis grew up here or in Wears Valley to be exact.  He is a young guy and a good American.  His wife is from Sevier County and they have kids.  After high school he attended and graduated from the Air Force Academy.  Lewis like many people follows what is going on in Townsend by reading this Fishing Report. And, like some people do, he sent me an e-mail.  I was kind of blown away when he first wrote me because he was living in Iraq.  We know a lot of the same people.  And we talked about that a lot.  His dad is a very talented builder and was part of the team who built Grace Hill Bed and Breakfast.  It is an architectural marvel.

Though he is very young he is a Major in the Air Force.  He flies small turbo prop transport airplanes.  His airplane can land in places that large transports cannot.  His job is delivering supplies and ammunition into war zones, places where there are not airports or large landing strips.  It is a dangerous mission and he works in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It seems fitting that we would meet on September 10th.  What happened 8 years ago today maybe brought us together as friends.  I’m talking of course about the terrorist attack on our country and the awful event that changed the world.  On September 11, 2001, nineteen terrorists hijacked four commercial jets, flew two into the world trade center and one into the Pentagon.  The fourth plane was about to be taken back by passengers and the terrorists decided to crash that plane in Pennsylvania.  That airplane was to hit the United States Capitol building.  2,974 people died plus the 19 swine who hijacked the airplanes.

This was and is the worst day on American soil in the history of our country. 

Today is a day of mourning and prayer for those who have died and suffered from this terrible crime.  And it is a day to thank our military, people like Lewis who keep our troops equipped in the remote and dangerous war zones in Afghanistan where terrorists live and train and in Iraq.  All our military personnel support these wars and fight terrorism.  God bless them.  They are all my heroes.

Have a good day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
September 11, 2009

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