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Welcome to the Fishing Report from the Great Smoky Mountains.  It is 70 degrees early this morning.  It rained hard last night.  I don’t know how much we got.  It is still pitch black outside and our rain gauge is at the barn. 

Little River’s level shot up yesterday after some morning showers then rose more last night.  The water level peaked just after midnight.  At 6:44 am, flow in Little River is 227 cubic feet per second (cfs) or 1.96 feet on the flow gauge.  Median flow for this date is 81 cfs. 

The water levels we have now in our river are certainly fishable.  We do not take beginner students on the river at flows over 2.5 feet on the gauge.  The flow is less than that right now.

We are expecting more rain today, tonight and tomorrow.  If you are planning a fishing trip to Townsend this weekend, keep an eye on the water levels.  The link to the left and below will take you to the USGS Gauge web page.  There, you can see the flow gauge reading and the computed discharge in cfs. 

You may see some stained streams this morning.  How long that lasts depends on how much more rain we get.  They may not be stained at all by now.

The temperature is dropping.  The high today should only be in the 70’s.  Lows at night over the next few days will be in the low to mid 60’s.  Tuesday and later next week, lows should be in the 50’s.

Normal highs right now are 84 degrees.  A low temperature of 62 degrees is normal as of yesterday.

The chance for rain will diminish after Monday.  The highest chance for rain over the next few days is today, tonight and tomorrow.

Baring a flood, rain and cool temperatures will set up conditions that are perfect for fishing in the Smokies.  The water will cool in the lower elevations tonight and that trend will continue and drop further Sunday.  The chances are good that fishing will be awesome this weekend.  The only negative would be water that is too high to fish, a condition that nobody can predict due to the nature of the storms.  They have been scattered.

Many reasonable fly patterns will work right now.  I would choose a Yellow Stimulator, Yellow Neversink Caddis, Black Foam Beetle or Elk Hair Caddis in yellow or olive for a dry fly.  Many nymph patterns will produce for you.  Try a Green Weenie, Isonychia, Pheasant Tail, or Tellico.

Fishing might be best in the mid to high elevations right now.  Fishing will get much better in the lower elevations due to the cool temperatures.

Our business has been very good for the past few days.  Actually, it has been good all Summer.  The reason for that is most likely, the water conditions in the Southeast United States and the improving economy.  Gasoline prices are relatively low.  People are traveling and fishing.  I bought gasoline yesterday and paid $3.18 per gallon.  Townsend visitors who pull travel trailers or drive large motor homes will see difference at the gas pumps in Tennessee.  Gasoline prices are higher in some Southern states.  I guess it’s the tax but I’m not sure.

It is daybreak.  I walked outside to see if I could spot any wild animals.  There were no bears or deer.  No turkeys.  I saw a squirrel and heard a hawk in a tree in front of our house.  Our squirrel population has all but disappeared.  I think the reason is, we have a pair of bobcats living nearby and there are always hawks flying around.  A brood of red tail hawks was born in a tree close to our house this year.  Paula saw a hawk, fly through the trees right in front of our house and grab a squirrel about a month ago. 

We have one squirrel that is always around.  Sometimes we see it peering through the glass doors on our front porch.  Yesterday morning, I was drinking a cup of coffee on the deck and that squirrel walked up to with 10 feet from me.  I noticed it had an injury on his side.  I’m wondering, since he is the only squirrel I see here, if he is the one the hawk grabbed recently.  His injury and lack of hair on that area is consistent with a talon injury.  I would bet that squirrel was the one, and somehow it got away from the bird. 

Get ready for some great fishing.  Fall weather is quickly approaching.  We are here for you.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
September 12, 2014

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