Townsend, Tennessee
September 14, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report. It is a beautiful, cool morning here in Townsend. The roads are quiet.
I did something this morning that I haven't done in a long while. I got up early and hit the stream just as the sun was rising. Having to work today, I didn't have too much time so I just ran up the Middle Prong a short distance. If I had more time I would have gone to higher elevations. The water was great for this time of year. The air was cool enough this morning that I put my waders on.
Early morning fishing is nice. There was no one on the river and nobody on the roads. Peaceful. It was a good way to start a Monday. I figured I would delay the typical Monday headaches as long as possible. Fishing started a bit slow fishing a little dry. I caught a little baby rainbow. Moving up the stream I started to pick up a few more trout. They were hiding in the faster water. My Walter Babb 7' 4wt bamboo rod did as good as ever. I generally prefer a longer rod, but my bamboo rod is always fun to fish on small streams.
All in all I had a fun time and caught a good amount of trout for the limited time I had. Fishing on a time limit is tough. You can't just fish, you are constantly aware of the clock. In the evenings you are limited but only by the light. The dimming sky keeps you on schedule without having to constantly check the watch.

Byron and Paula are off this week to fish with the new boat. That means it will rain most everyday this week. The weather forecast for today looks like it will be beautiful. If you can sneak away, take advantage of this nice weather.

If you head to the mountains to fish today, fishing should be very good. We have heard some good reports from people fishing around the Elkmont area. On Little River, the water from Metcalf Bottoms up to the Elkmont Campground has been doing well. If you prefer, park at the Little River Trailhead and head upstream a ways. The Middle Prong has been fishing well. Definitely go onto the gravel road, preferably upstream a mile or two. If you want a bit of adventure, give Sam's Creek a try. It isn't too far a walk and it will give you a nice backcountry experience.
Now could be a good time to fish Abrams Creek. It is a lull in the tourist traffic so the Cades Cove Loop Road won't be too crowded with cars.

I will be doing the Fishing Report all week. Right now I better get to ordering stuff. Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Daniel Drake
September 14, 2009  

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