Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It was foggy and 60 degrees when I drove to the river at 8:15.  That felt good.  I saw a guy riding a bicycle wearing a sweatshirt.  Little River was slowly passing by as I took the water temperature.  I was stooped on a rock and stayed there for a while watching the water flow by.  I like starting my workday looking at Little River in Townsend.  It really is the way to start your workday.  A little girl, her dad, a dog and her younger brother were walking down the road where my truck was parked.  She was driving a pink bicycle with training wheels.  I spoke to her first since she was in front.  Then dad and I talked for a few minutes.  I know him but I can’t remember his name.  He asked if I’d been fishing lately so he knows who I am.  We had a good talk about fishing and we all went our separate ways.

Little River is fairly low but not bad.  We could use some rain but the chance is slight for the next few days.  The flow is 50 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date is 71 cfs.  The temperature this morning was 67 degrees, just like yesterday.

It’s going to be hot so I would fish in the higher elevations of Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  My choice today would be above Elkmont.  You might even do better driving over highway 441 to the Chimneys or Alum Cave Trailhead.  You might try Road Prong or many of the available tributaries to the West Prong of the Little Pigeon River.  I would love to be at Cataloochee right now.  There are not many people around.  They will be here soon.

I would still fish a foam beetle or yellow or orange Stimulator for a dry fly.  Off that I would drop a Green Weenie.  I noticed yesterday we are getting low on Green Weenies.  Brian who ties them for us will probably show up Monday to replenish our supply.  These flies are also very effective when you fish them weighted.  You can use a strike indicator or a tight line. 

A customer told me yesterday that he is having problems with his dropper getting tangled to his leader above the dry fly.  That is common and frustrating.  I told him to open his loop to keep his flies further away from the leader during the cast.  To open your loop just make the angle of your rod on the forward and back cast further from each other.  Make a more sweeping action.  The cast doesn’t look as pretty but it will keep your flies away from your leader.  You will still get tangles.  It goes with the territory.  But, you are fishing the surface and you are fishing below the surface at the same time. 

So, how many of you have reserved your new all electric Nissan Leaf?  Wouldn’t it be nice to turn on the key and hear nothing?  No more trips to the gas pump would be nice too.  You would be ultimately be buying your energy from TVA if you live here.  I would adapt well to an electric car.  I like nothing better than moving along the lake powered by our Minn Kota trolling motor.  That’s a lot better than firing up the Mercury.  I’ll admit our Merc is a four stroke, it’s quiet, hardly uses any gas, there is no noticeable smoke or fumes but still the electric is what I prefer.  Some of you play golf.  Commuting to work would feel and sound like a round of golf. 

These cars list for around $33,000 but it seems there is a nice Federal Tax Credit of $7,000 that you can subtract off of the MSRP.  (Check with your accountant before purchasing). 

I put together a $3,000 (at wholesale) Tiemco hook order yesterday.  Thanks to our fancy point of sale (POS) computer system I know how many of every size and model we sell over any period of time I want to check.  That is a lot less than we sell in one year but it qualifies us for the best pricing available from the company.  They won’t all show up at once thank goodness.  But I ordered heavy on our most popular hooks.  Some of our best sellers are other store’s best sellers and the importer often runs out of those.  Hopefully we won’t have that problem next year.  We didn’t have too much of a problem with outages this year.  But, there were some.

Samples of new fly tying materials are coming in.  We pick out of the bags things we want to try.  Then we decide if we should sell them.  One of my favorites that I’ve seen lately is a Fish Scull.  I’ve got one sitting here on my desk.  Basically, it is an aluminum head that looks like one you would see on a baitfish.  There are indents for dome eyes and I’m going to order these even before I try them out.  They come in four sizes and 7 colors.  The eyes are included.  Here is a LINK TO THEIR WEBSITE.  Check it out.

Have a great day.  I’ll be on vacation for a week.  Daniel will be writing this report.

Byron Begley
September 18, 2010

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