Townsend, Tennessee
September 19, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  Right now the sun is shining.  There are a lot of people in Townsend.  The motels and campgrounds are busy.  The restaurants are packed.  The UT football game is in Florida so these people are here to enjoy the mountains only.  The temperatures are cooler and comfortable. 

Little River looks excellent from an angler’s perspective.  There is a little color in the water.  That’s good.  The fish will be less spooky.  The temperature at the “Y” was 64 degrees at 8:30 am and the flow is at 188 cubic feet per second.  Normal for this date is 71 cfs.  I’ve been off all week so Daniel has been writing the Fishing Report and did an excellent job.  But, the online stream flow information is not working so he had to drive up to the Gauge in the Park and actually look at it.  I did the same thing this morning, pulling the boat which I was bringing back to the store.  Daniel ran into someone who works in the Knoxville USGS office and he was trying to repair the equipment that transmits flow data.  Evidently that didn’t work.  It’s still broken.  I sent them an e-mail early this week to tell the folks at USGS they had a problem.

Fishing is good.  Daniel went fishing on either the Middle or West Prong one morning this week before work and caught five trout.  I don’t know what he was using but I bet a Green Weenie was one of his choices.  I would fish a terrestrial dry and drop a Green Weenie off the dry. 

The water is not cooling off much.  It’s fine, but the nights have been warm.  More rain is coming.  There is a 60% chance today, 70% tomorrow and 60% chance Monday. 

Paula and I took off Monday through Friday.  Normally we would have gone to Florida and fished down there.  We decided to stay here.  Rain and storms hampered our fishing.  We fished on the lakes and did some exploring on Tellico.  Fishing wasn’t great.  The water needs to cool off a little more.  Yesterday morning we watched the radar.  About noon the sun popped out and we hooked up the boat and ran to one of the closer lakes.  We actually fished for three hours without getting rained on.  I think that was a record for the week.  But a thunderstorm sent us running for the boat ramp.  We caught a few bass and bluegill on poppers and Stealth Bombers.  I think I set my all time record small largemouth bass.  He was a little over 3” long and took a #8 popper. 

All the new fly fishing gear is not available but we are seeing it and we’ll start adding them to the Online Catalog today.  I photographed the new Chota boots and waders last month using factory samples.  I’ll start with that first.  We’ll use Fishpond stock photography.  They shoot their products with a solid white background like we do.  From what Daniel said almost everything in their line has changed.  He will see the new Orvis products next week in Virginia.  We’ll have to wait to photograph them.  Orvis’ photography usually has a background so we shoot most of their products.  They have some we can use.  But, starting now through year-end, Daniel and I will be busy enlarging and changing the Online Catalog.

We noticed some bright colors in the forest at about 2,500 feet elevation.  It’s starting to look like fall at that level.  Leaves are falling too.  Nuts and grapes are hitting the ground and the water in the lakes.  We saw another squirrel swimming in the lake one day this week.  That’s two in two weeks.  I’m wondering if they are after the nuts that fall into the water.  Wild turkeys are running in larger flocks.  When we got home from fishing yesterday we saw about 15.  The river otters are active.  We saw six in one day. Paula had to head three of them off since they were swimming right to the bank we planned to fish.  She stopped them but they get mad when you interrupt their day.  They pop their head out of the water and make a loud chatter sound.  We followed three more up a creek and they were upset.  

Bears are going after the apples.  I’m hearing about trees being destroyed by the animals climbing them.  We noticed one of our neighbor’s apple trees was almost torn down, probably by a bear.  I don’t what else it could have been.  Wild boars don’t climb trees.  Bears have been very active gathering food and getting ready for winter.  They are going to have plenty of acorns this year and those nuts are big.  All the rain we have had has been good for the forest and the animals.  And it looks like there is plenty more rain on the way for the next 10 days.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
September 19, 2009

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