Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report. The fog is quickly burning off this morning here in Townsend. It has been a very pretty morning. Cool air and the sun filtering through the fog. Great time to have a camera and get some good shots. Too bad the camera is sitting at home. Speaking of cameras.... a customer who uses the Message Board was reunited with his lost camera. Another honest and thoughtful message board user found the camera in the Smokies and posted it. With a little verification the thankful owner was found. If you lose some gear and especially if you find some lost gear in the Smokies stop by the Shop or call. We have had several people bring in fly boxes or other items that they found. Many times we take the finders name and if nobody calls to claim the item we get it back to the one who found it. One time, Walter Babb found a rod and reel left behind on Middle Prong. He brought it back to the Shop with him. The rod had a serial number on it so we called the company and they told us who's rod it was. With a quick phone call we got the rod back to its rightful home. That is one of the great things about flyfisherman, or atleast our customers, they tend to be honest and want to help their fellow anglers out.

Byron and Paula are off for a week of fishing and time off. The weather is supposed to be great this week so hopefully they will get some good catching in.

Fishing in the Smokies... Water levels are a bit lower than normal. Water temps are still pretty good. The higher elevation streams have still been fishing the best. Traffic in the mountains through the week has really dropped off. You shouldn't have too much trouble finding a place to get in the water. The West Prong of the Little Pigeon along the Newfound Gap Road (US 441) is a great destination if you have most of the day to fish. If you are shorter on time, Tremont is always a great location.

Yesterday I finally heard a good fishing trip report from Montana. Most of the other people that have been out there this late Summer have had some bad weather to deal with. Hal Deatherage just got back recently from the Missouri River. He said the fishing was incredible. They floated the river, some on their own and some with guides. He reported some good dry fly fishing and also some excellent catching on nymphs. The secret flies... no big surprise to all you tailwater fisherman... #18 and #20 zebra midges.

I'm hopefully not going to jinx myself by declaring that I'm going fishing after work tonite. The wife's got plans, the baby is at grandma's, and I've got a yard pass for a few hours. I think I'm going to be adventurous and head somewhere other than West Prong. So stop by early today, the lights are going out at 5:05 tonite.

Have a great day.  Thanks for reading the Fishing report!

Daniel Drake
September 19, 2010

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