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Welcome to the Fishing Report from the Great Smoky Mountains.  The days are shorter.  Fall is upon us.  At 7:10 am it is still dark outside and 59 degrees in Townsend.  It is Friday and visitors will be coming to town.  The Fall Festival begins. 

The weather will be perfect for a festival this weekend.  It will be perfect for fishing too. 

Little River is flowing fairly low, about what we expect in late September.  This morning, flow is 68 cubic feet per second (cfs) or 1.37 feet on the flow gauge.  Median flow for this date is 77 cfs.  The water temperature is 61.8 degrees.

Fishing in the Smokies is good.  The streams are flowing low which is usual this time of year.  That means you need to blend in with the surroundings so you won’t be seen by the trout.  Limit your false casts, which may throw a shadow over the fish. 

Concentrate on choppy water and fish the shaded areas.  Hit the pockets behind boulders in riffles.  Fish the runs and where riffles enter a pool.  If the trout are apprehensive about rising to dry flies, by all means use a sub-surface fly.  Green Weenies and Pink Weenies are working well. Drop a Weenie off a dry fly or use an indicator.

The trout will be active at all elevations because the water temperature is cool.

Trees are changing colors.  Right now you will see some yellow leaves.  The peak color display is weeks away but not many weeks away.  Some trees are shedding leaves.  Acorns are dropping. If you are camping in the mountains, it will be chilly at night.  This is a wonderful time to fish in the mountains.

There are some construction projects under way in Townsend.  One is what I heard will be the new Dollar General store.  They are digging right now, a few blocks from our store. 

Dancing Bear Lodge, perched on 34 acres in Townsend will be re-building under new ownership.  The main lodge burned in November last year.  Mark and Sharon Oldham bought the property and remaining cabins.  Their intent is to re-open the lodge and restaurant next year.  We are all excited about this good news.  You can learn more by CLICKING HERE to read the article in the Daily Times.

More great news to me!  Pink Floyd will release a new album November 10th.  You can pre-order from Amazon but you will be in line behind me.

Jack says they will be framing the new boat house at our home Monday.  The concrete pad was poured Tuesday and it is curing.  It will hold our boat and kayaks on trailers. The canoe will hang from the ceiling.  

Outside the boat house will be a perfectly flat concrete pad.  There will be a locker for fly rods and reels.  The walls will be lined with painted peg board so we can hang all the boat stuff.  By volume, I think we have more boat stuff than boats.

I’m more excited about this than I am about the Pink Floyd CD. Not a whole lot more excited though.

We’ve got some great fishing weather right now.  Rain is expected Sunday night and Monday.  We could use some rain. 

Fly Tyers Weekend is six weeks away.  I’ll be working on that next week.  What a great event it will be.  You don’t need to be a fly tyer to enjoy Fly Tyers Weekend.  You will meet some excellent fly fishermen and be able to learn about fly fishing in addition to tying.  Fly Tyers Weekend is free and you will have a great time at absolutely no cost.  You might also enjoy some very good fly fishing down the road in the Park while you are here.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
September 26, 2014

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