Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is foggy in Townsend.  I mean it’s really foggy.  There was hardly any traffic on the streets this morning.  It’s quiet in our little town.  This weather is awesome.  Over the next ten days we should have highs in the 60’s and 70’s with lows in the 40’s to the mid 50’s.  Now that’s more like it.

Fishing conditions are excellent.  It could not get much better.  First, we have plenty of water in the streams.  Flow in Little River now is 198 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow is 90 cfs for this date.  The water temperature in town right now is 60 degrees.  In the Park it will be cooler than that.  Can you think of better conditions for trout fishing? 

Dry flies and nymphs should all work.  It would probably start out with a foam beetle of some sort for the dry and a Green Weenie as a dropper.  But you knew that didn’t you.  Any attractor dry should work fine.  A small Yellow Stimulator, Parachute Adams, Orange Elk Hair Caddis or a terrestrial dry fly should work just fine.  Nymph selection would include Copper John, Bead Head Pheasant Tail or a Tellico Nymph.  There are plenty of other good choices.  For the big browns I would use a large Prince Nymph or Chernoble Ant.  Fish that big ant in the shade near the banks.  A Slump Buster might catch a big one too.

The lake fishing is getting much better and the smallmouth fishing in the rivers should be excellent.  Again, the conditions are right. 

Ron Becker and I are meeting with a rather large group of hunters and dog handlers in the Cherokee National Forest this weekend for a bear and boar hunt.  This is a fun trip.  We’ll be camping in 40 degree temperatures at night.  We will be at our stations by daybreak each day.  And then the handlers will turn the hounds loose.  I just stand there listening to the hounds all day wondering when one will run a bear or wild boar out of the brush right in my direction.  Even if that doesn’t happen it’s still a blast.  You expect it to happen many times during the day.  Anticipation is high.  The hunted can hurt you or even kill you.  Most shots are between 50 and 150 feet.  That’s close!  And these animals are moving fast.  It is a thrill.

The trees are beginning to turn.  Yellow leaves are very noticeable right now.  This is just about my favorite time of year.  I’ll rate October and November right up there with April and May.  This 59 year old kid likes to hunt and fish.  Those are by far the best months.  April is for hunting wild turkeys and fishing.  May is for fishing.  October is for fishing and boar hunting.  November is for fishing and deer hunting.  Phase 2 of 2010 is about to begin.  Bring it on.

Owners of cars and trucks have been the victims of break-in’s at trailhead parking lots recently.  This has been happening more often lately at the Rainbow Falls trailhead.  The vehicle interiors are sometimes destroyed during the break-in.  The burglars are not looking for money, jewelry, weapons or other valuables.  They are looking for food.  And, these burglars are not people.  They are bears.  Evidently this happens fairly often.  Check the story here on KNOXNEWS.COM

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
September 29, 2010

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