Townsend, Tennessee
October 3, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  This is my kind of day, the sun is shining, the leaves are starting to turn a little and it’s 48 degrees.  I love every day, every season and especially the changes.  The mountains are bright and vivid in the cold, clear air.

As we look ahead we are going to have more of the same.  Later in the week it will warm up some and we’ll probably get some rain.  But this weekend is going to be perfect.

Little River is flowing way above normal for this time of year.  Right now the discharge at the “Y” is 244 cubic feet per second and the water temperature is 58 degrees.  Last year on this date the flow was 16 cubic feet per second.  I didn’t remember the flow getting that low during the two year drought.  I thought 17 was the bottom.  Evidently not.

I talked to one guy yesterday who said the water was still very high and tough to fish.  But he was comparing to the past two years. He started fishing here in 2007.  According to some anglers fishing was not great yesterday.  So maybe lower water will help.  I like it just the way it is.  But to me, the main reason I’m out there is not catching a bunch of trout. It is about being there. 

The trout are taking dry flies.  I’d try a beetle or orange bodied fly like a Orange Palmer or Orange Stimulator.  I would also run a Green Weenie deep near the bottom. 

We are all saddened by the passing of our co-worker and friend Ted Myers.  Ted passed away yesterday morning.  He came to work in the morning, said he didn’t feel well and went home.  His wife Sandra called us about an hour later and gave us the terrible news.

Ted worked here about three years.  I’ve known him a lot longer than that.  In fact, at one time we were friendly competitors.  He ran a larger sporting goods store in Sevierville that sold fly fishing tackle.  He knew more about fishing and hunting than most of us.  And he was willing to share his knowledge with us and our customers. 

Day before yesterday he came in here and told me about fishing with Roy Huskey on Calderwood Lake on Tuesday.  They caught a lot of trout early in the morning then the fishing just shut down.  He was planning his annual grouse hunting trip to Wisconsin.  He was excited about that.

Ted has a long list of good friends.  With a career  in the hunting and fishing business that spans some 30 or more years he touched a lot of people who enjoyed those sports.    

He was one of the kindest men I have known.  He did everything he could to help people. All of us at the store loved him.  He was just a great guy.

I miss Ted very much.  It’s hard when you spend a few days a week, every week with a good man and then he is gone.  I wish I had been downstairs yesterday morning when he was in the shop for a brief time.  Maybe I could have done something.  But I did not get to see him.  I was up here writing the Fishing Report. 

We’ll miss you Ted.  So long old buddy. It won’t be the same around here.





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