Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  The Great Smoky Mountains are obscured by fog and it is 45 degrees this morning.  Townsend appears to be quiet.  There was very little traffic on the streets when I drove to work. I stopped at the swinging bridge as usual and took the water temperature in Little River.  It was 54 degrees, cooler than I’ve seen in a long time. I ran into a guy I know at the bridge and he said they are going to start stocking rainbow trout in the river again.  TWRA curtails the stocking during the hot months.  There is also a rumor that the stocking will be done weekly instead of bi-weekly during the Spring.  

The water flow in the river is way above normal but perfect for fishing. Currently the flow is 167 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date is 75 cfs.  The water is going to be cold up high.  Daniel talked to a customer that encountered snowfall up near Clingman’s Dome yesterday. The low temperature last night was 30 degrees at Newfound Gap and 24 degrees at Mount Leconte.  It’s hard to believe I was fishing two weeks ago and the high was 92 degrees.

Fishing should be excellent everywhere in the Park.  Conditions are great.  You might want to wait until the water warms up if you are fishing in the higher elevations but down low the water should be fine all day.  You won’t find much in the way of hatches.  Terrestrial and attractor dry flies will work but I would probably start with nymphs.  I was hunting with a bunch of guys this weekend who also fished in the Tellico River basin.  They did well on North River Friday and Saturday afternoon.  The fishing there was better on Friday.  I suspect the water was colder on Saturday.  Citico Creek appeared to be low.  We hunted in that area all weekend.  That is a beautiful stream.  It is stocked with trout and access is easy. 

We were camping this weekend near the Tellico River in Cherokee National Forest.  Saturday was the first day of bear hunting season there.  The hunt was for bear and boar.  I guess we had about 18 people in our group Friday night and most of them hunted Saturday.  We saw photos taken lately by a tree-mounted camera of a huge bear.  He was the target of the hunt.  Evidently the word about this big guy got out.  There were hunters everywhere.  The spot where the guys riding with me on Saturday were supposed to hunt was packed with orange clad men armed to the hilt.  We were afraid to go in.  We chose a more quiet area and saw or heard nothing.  Yesterday there was some action and one of the guys hunting a mile or so up the trail from me saw a bear but that was about it.  That big bear didn’t reach that size by being stupid.  We didn’t see any wild boar or even signs of them. 

But, to me the hunt is more about being with the guys.  I knew Vern and Scott before I first went on the hunt last year.  I guess I met about 20 more then.  They are all great guys to spend the weekend with and we always have a great time.  We don’t stay up too late and wake at 5:30 am to go hunting.  Ron Becker went with me this year.  He has never been on a hunt like this before and he had a lot of fun.  We all did.  We are planning another hunt in December.

Well, tomorrow is the big day.  Tennessee Department of Transportation will be in town to meet with everyone who has parking lots, signs and other structures on the State right-of-way.  The private meetings will begin at 9:00 am and last until 5:00 pm.  A lot of TDOT staff people will be on hand to work with our business and residence owners.  At 5:00 there will be an open town meeting.  

I will be there representing the City.  I may also be representing Paula and I.  Our plat indicates that we are not encroaching on the right-of-way.  The new survey that is not quite finished indicates that we are encroaching.  I think I found and error.  I don’t know who’s error it is.  Friday before leaving for the hunting trip I found one of the survey crews and showed them what I believe to be a discrepancy.  They kept a copy of our plat and said they would check it out. 

It will be an interesting day.  Have a great one yourself and thanks for being here with us.

Byron Begley
October 4, 2010

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