Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is extremely foggy this morning in Townsend.  Where we live it was not.  For some reason our little valley was clear.  About a dozen wild turkeys stood in the orchard in front of our house.  I pulled out of our drive onto the private road and there they were, right in front of my truck.  I got within a few feet of one.  There was a gobbler in the group.  He was huge.

At the swinging bridge there were two trucks this morning.  One guy was gearing up and the other was trying to untangle a backlash in his spinning outfit standing on one of the large rocks under the bridge.  He said he had caught one nice trout.  TWRA must have stocked this week. I talked to another fisherman yesterday morning who had caught one.  I might give those stockers a try after work and after the weekend is over.  They are fun to catch.  I can be on the river in 5 minutes and all you need is an olive Wooly Bugger.

You don’t see many fly fishermen on the river through town.  It is mostly bait and spinning anglers.  TWRA stops stocking during the Summer.  The water is too warm.  People fish for them anyway even though the trout are not there or there are not many.  But when the stocking begins again in the Fall, the word gets out and those wishing to catch trout to eat are on the water.

Little River is still low.  Flow is 47 cubic feet per second.  Median flow for this date is 69 cfs.  The water temperature was 58 degrees earlier which is perfect for trout.

I talked to quiet a few anglers yesterday who have been fishing in the Park.  Most reported good fishing early and late with a long lull during the day.  Doug, who lives here and fly fishes all over the U.S. has been going late.  He said the fishing has been really good.  The time change is going to mess us up, or at least those of us who work and like to fish afterwards. 

Dry flies are working.  Pattern is not that important.  These fish are looking for food.  Hatch activity is low at this time of year.  I would think there are less terrestrials on the water, especially in the high elevations where we have already had a freeze this Fall.  Down low there should be plenty. Nymphs are working well too.  Again, pattern is not that important.  I would probably use an Elk Hair Caddis or Stimulator for the dry and a Bead Head Pheasant Tail for the nymph.

Our phones went out yesterday.  We could not call out but some people could call in.  That was strange.  We are basically out of business.  We have 7 land lines served through a T-1 line along with our internet service.  The internet was not affected.  I sent an e-mail to our lady in Nashville who handles our account.  She reported back immediately.  They had a serious server outage. 

Think about trying to do business without that service.  We can’t process credit card transactions.  We can’t sell fishing licenses.  Our security is at risk.  The alarms that notify the fire department or police are not working.  What if we had a fire?  I think Bill’s cell phone works here.  He could have called.  We can’t fax.  That’s OK, we don’t do that much anymore.  And we can’t call anyone.  Our toll free service was out.  A lot of our orders come to us from people calling our free long distance number. 

It was only out for a few hours but that was enough for me.  I think we are OK now.

I was on a hunting trip one time with one of my best friends, Brad.  He owns a chain of McDonalds Restaurants.  He was telling me, on that trip that they have cell phone backup with equipment mounted on the roof of each building.  Evidently, the franchisor needs to call into their servers at the end of the day to post the sales for that store’s business.  And if the phones are out of service, they can still get the data using the backup cell lines.  I laughed when Brad told me that and said, “Phones never go out”. 

The day I returned from the hunting trip, a private airplane crashed on interstate 40 taking out the lines that service us and thousands of other people.  Our phone and internet service was out for three days. I didn’t laugh about that.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
October 7, 2011

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