Townsend, Tennessee
October 8, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report. The sun is high in a bright clear sky. It is definitely looking like Fall here in the mountains. The shades of green as beginning to change. No longer are the hillsides the rich greens of Summer. Hints of orange and red are creeping in reminding us that the carefree days are past. The squirrels around my house have been busy gathering acorns and hiding them away before Winter arrives.

Byron and Paula are off with the boat today. It looks like they finally have a nice day to fish. Hopefully the clear blue skies don't keep the fish down and out of sight. Even so, worst case scenerio it is a great day to be out on the lake.

We have been getting some very good reports from the Smokies in the last several days. Water levels are great! The streamflow gauge is showing that the historical low for this date was 2008 with a flow of 18 cfs. I guess it is really hard to call that a flow. It was more a trickle between standing pools. Today the river is around 200 cfs.

Fall is the time of year that the browns and brook trout spawn. If you are wanting to catch a pretty fish, head to the high elevations and hook into a brook trout in full spawning colors. They are truly incredible. It isn't unusual to catch one that is nearly black in places and firey red on the belly. The brown trout are becoming more active as the days become shorter. We have heard about several very good size browns being hooked here in the last few days. Nymphs have been what most have been using for the browns. Don't skimp on the split shot. You need to get those flies down to the bottom. If you aren't getting hung up every now and then, add more weight.

Middle Prong ( Tremont ) has been doing well also. On all the streams, dry patterns have been, elk hair caddis, stimulators, parachute adams. Small blue wing olives have been working well too.
Nymphs have been the usual suspects. Prince Nymphs, Tellicos, Pheasant Tail, and Copper Johns. Just remember to get them down to the bottom.

Well this report is a bit brief and very late in being posted. If you have the chance to fish, take it... don't waste the day.

Have a great one yourself and thank you for being here with us.

Daniel Drake
October 8, 2009


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