Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report. There are a few broken clouds in the sky this morning over Townsend. The weather is cool. Fall is in full swing.It seems like the leaves are changing early this year. Maybe they have been changing late in the last several year and now that they are on time it feels early.

Fishing should be very good in the Smokies this weekend. Keep in mind when the Fishing Report is giving a report of good or excellent, that doesn't mean easy. No perfect conditions or secret fly can make up for experience when fishing the Smokies. Even on its best days the Smokies can be tough. The key is to enjoy yourself. Even on the worst day of fishing on a wild trout stream you are still out in nature experiencing the relaxation and beauty that is all around you.

Byron is off today. I'm not sure what he is up to. The boat is still here so that rules out one choice. Possibly he is just doing nothing and taking the day off. Knowing Byron I wouldn't count on that. He is usually busy working on something.

Water levels are great and the temps are hard to beat. Chuck Kline had some students up on the Middle Prong yesterday and the water was around 58F. One of our long time customers Eddie is in town. He hooked two nice sized browns up on Little River yesterday. He lost one due to a net broken by his brother in law Eric. Eddie's payback is he is fishing and Eric is stuck at work.

Overnight temps have been cool making it to where you don't have to be out on the water at first light if you don't want to. It never hurts though. Fishing has been good most of the day but it should pick up in the afternoon.

There was a rockslide on Laurel Creek Road yesterday afternoon. This is the road that goes to Cades Cove. As of this morning they have the slide cleared. The GSMNP phone system said that there may still be some delays as they work to stabilize the hillside. If you ever need to check on road conditions in the Smokies you can call 865-436-1200. When the automated voice starts talking hit 2 and then when you here it again hit 2 again. This gets you to the current road conditions report. This number comes in very handy in the winter when you need to find out if there is any road closures due to weather.

I'm still working on all those preseason orders. It feels like I've been working on them forever. Byron commented that this is the earliest we have ever gotten them done. It is too much thinking. I'm glad I don't have to do data analysis all day. It is much more fun to sell flies.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Daniel Drake
October 15, 2010  

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