Townsend, Tennessee
October 18, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report. Paula here again today, bringing you the fishing report from a cold, but clear of the fog and cloud cover we've been having, Townsend. The thermometer on our front porch read a chilly 34 degrees this morning before day break; it's warmed up to a whopping 38. The weather service is calling for the high today to be 52, so there will be some warming, but not a lot.

The river doesn't seem to want to budge from the near 3 foot mark, so the water is high again today. That with the colder temperatures could make for a tough day of fishing. Wading is tough when the water is high, not to mention dangerous; you'll also want to keep in mind the threat of hypothermia. So, if you go, please be careful and stick to the banks.

As I said yesterday, the fish will hold out of the current. You will find them behind boulders and rocks and along the banks where eddies occur. As the slightly stained waters clear, the fish will be more wary but they will also be more apt to take a big fat nymph. If Walter and I hadn't canceled our trip today, I would have likely put on a weighted prince nymph or a tellico and tried to bounce it along the bottom or swing it through an eddy.

With the swifter current, it's going to take some doing to get a nymph down where you want it to go before it is whisked away. Fishing something heavier will help you to get your fly down to the fish, so don't be afraid to add some split shot. When fishing weight, you need to remember that pretty casts are not your friend. If you attempt to false cast, your chances of getting into a mess will increase with weight on your line. This is the time for a well placed roll cast - and a hat for head protection. :)
Actually, fishing along the banks will pretty much force you to use your roll cast anyway, so it's all good.

Looking at the seven day forecast, I was almost blinded by the sun showing on every day this week. The days and nights will be extremely clear (from what they are saying), so we are looking at some sunny days ahead. With the sun helping to warm the water, and temperatures ranging from the low 60's to low 70's as the week goes on, it could create some good middle of the day opportunities. Your best bets at that time are going to be areas of the river which are more open of canopy, where the sun has an chance to hit the water. Then, sun warmed water could cause some dry flies to hatch. Fall caddis had been coming off, so have a few brown caddis or an orange stimulator or two handy. The orange bodied wulff has been doing well lately too.

As much as I hate to admit it, I was really hoping we'd get a little snow. The tops of the mountains are white now, but I'm not sure if it's snow or hoar frost. Either way, it sure is pretty. Some of you know that I am an avid sledder...and my poor sled hasn't seen much (read ANY) use in 8 years. This may be a tad early for a sledding jaunt, but I'll be excited and watchful for some of that white stuff. Since it's only mid-October, I won't start whining yet.As I said before, if you get out there, be mindful of the swift current...and the cold. Be safe and have a good time.

Thank you for joining us here on the fishing report; we could not do what we love without you and your friendship and support.

Paula Begley
October 18, 2009


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