Townsend, Tennessee - Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, East Tennessee and Western North Carolina

Welcome to the Fishing Report from Townsend, Tennessee in the Great Smoky Mountains.  At 4:54 am, the temperature is 57.6 degrees.  We have a 70% chance for rain today, and a 100% chance tonight.  It will rain tomorrow as well.  We should expect 1 to 2 inches of rain during this period.  It will be warm over the next week with highs near or exceeding 70 degrees and lows in the mid to high 50’s.

Wind blew most of the night.  Something fell on our roof all night long.  I think it was hickory nuts and limbs.  We have a metal roof and it was loud.

Little River is flowing at 98 cubic feet per second (cfs) or 1.43 feet on the flow gauge.  Median flow for this date is 89 cfs.  The water temperature is 55 degrees this morning.

Fishing should be good today in the Smoky Mountains if you don’t mind rain. It will be cloudy and the water temperature is certainly in the trout’s preferred range in the low elevations.

If we do get the expected rainfall amounts of 1 to 2 inches, you may find the streams high tomorrow, and they could rise quickly today.  Watch for high water.

If the wind blew in the higher elevations like it did here last night, expect plenty of leaves in the water.  Traffic will likely be lighter than we would expect on a bright sunny day.  Tourists tend to stay home when in rains in the Smoky Mountains, even during the Fall colors season.

The Weather Channel is predicting a much warmer November than normal this year In the eastern part of America.  And, sure enough, the first week of the month is going to be very warm.  If this holds true, we can expect great November fishing this year.  I hope that is the case.  The west will be colder than normal, if the predictions are correct.

It is dark outside, but I turned on some lights and walked out to look around.  There are branches and leaves everywhere.  We must have had some very strong wind last night. The door in the loft area we sleep in blew open at some point.  Light rain is falling now. When dawn comes in about an hour and a half, I will go out to feed the birds.  I bet we lost a ton of leaves last night.  The mountains will probably be fogged in all day so I won’t see what happened up there.

It looks like they will be generating at Norris Dam most of the day.  There will be a break in generation at Cherokee Dam.  You might want to check the TVA website and generations schedules.  You may be able to work with the generation on the Holston River this morning.  I don’t wade fish there so I don’t know.  Check it yourself to make that determination.

Brown and brook trout are spawning and very active in the Smoky Mountains.  Please do us all a favor and don’t wade through beds or target spawning females. Most failed spawns are due to very high water.  Beds can be washed out and some usually are.  We hate to see high water after a spawn, but, we usually do.  Some make it and others don’t. That varies from watershed to watershed.  A massive widespread flood, can have a devastating affect on the spawn overall.  All we notice is, more larger trout and less young of the year fish in the Spring.  Floods and droughts affect the fish populations in a big way.  Fishermen do not. 

I’m going to the shop today to pay bills.  I’ll run a report and check each department’s sales, and compare them to previous years.  I know we’ll be way up from last year.  We have done that almost every month, except February over the past 12 months. 

The guys were hoping to beat 2008, which was a big October for us.  2004 was our best October during the past 20 years.  Maybe they beat that one.  I don’t know but will later today.  They have done a great job with the shop, since I left a year ago.  I know they are proud and they should be.

I’m working on one of our websites and knocking out one or two new pages each day.  Later this week, or early next week, I will upload 14 new or re-designed pages, then wait to see what happens.  I’m expecting positive and immediate results from this project. I also write the fishing report every day, even on my day off. This report takes 2 hours per day. There is more to do than just write two pages of text. That equates to 720 hours per year. I feel good about it because, it is read by between 450 and 900 people per day.   

At this point, I’m tying 7 Knuckleheads each day, on average. If I tie 7 per day, 365 days, over the next year, I think we’ll have plenty to sell. If we don’t have enough, I’ll have to hire a company and have them tied overseas.

Here we are, already thinking about fly fishing in 2016.  Planning ahead is fun.  Planning is almost as much fun as being there.  Paula and I started planning our Spring Florida trip last night.  If we hit it right, the speckled trout will be in shallow water in the grass beds. 

By shallow water I mean, about 6 feet deep.  All we do is float over those beds in our kayaks, cast a #2 Sand Shrimp, and catch all we want.  We like to keep two for dinner and release the others.  We never freeze fish and bring them back.  We can buy great frozen fish and other seafood at Costco in Knoxville. We can buy fresh seafood at the Shrimp Dock in Alcoa. 

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
November 1, 2015

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