Townsend, Tennessee
November 10, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  For days we have enjoyed some of the best weather conditions we’ve had all year.  Cool temperatures, sunshine and great fishing have brought people outside to enjoy it.  I’m one of them.  Though I’ve worked 9 days straight I have taken an hour each day and walked around town.  It was nice.

We will probably be staying indoors today around here today.  It started raining this morning and has not stopped.  The mountains are fogged in, I can barely see the close ones from here.  And judging by what I’m seeing on the weather websites, the rain is going to continue through the night.  We are expected to get 1” to 3” of rain here.  And right on the North Carolina line just a few miles away the models are showing 3+ inches.  This is going to be a dreary day.

Little River is rising and it is chocked full of fallen leaves.  My truck was covered with leaves this morning.  Once this passes we’ll have beautiful weather again starting tomorrow and lasting through the week.

Fishing has been excellent.  Anglers have big smiles on their faces when they stop by the shop.  Most fishermen are catching a lot of trout on dries and nymphs.  Other anglers who are concentrating on large fish and getting hookups.  Some nice browns have been landed. 

I don’t see why that won’t continue for several days unless we do get very high water.  We may get it too.  It’s not looking too good right now.  If we do get blown out fishing should improve by the weekend.  It is going to be warm for several days with only a low chance for rain until next Tuesday.  The next few days hinge on what happens today and tonight.

Fishermen who wade fish on the tailwaters are not getting much of an opportunity.  It’s time to lower the lakes and those lakes have a lot more water flowing in than usual at this time of year.  For instance, since September 1st the airport has measured 9.10 inches of rainfall.  Normal is 6.87 inches.  Last year we had 4.99 inches.  Year to date we have had 50.97 inches at the airport, normal is 40.93” and last year at this point we had 35.53 inches.  This has been a very wet year.  It shows in the rivers and lakes.

I just had an interesting conversation with a fellow just now who lives outside the city limits of Townsend in a subdivision.  He wanted me to sign a petition to stop a cell tower proposed by AT & T that would be constructed near his property.  I asked a lot of questions about the project.  For instance if this location is turned down what are AT & T’s contingency plans.  Do they plan to build it in front of our house if they can’t put it here?  I didn’t sign the petition and asked the fellow if he owned a cell phone and he said yes. 

Another cell tower was approved on Rudd Hollow Road by the County Board of Zoning Appeals recently.  That one will be visible from the Foothills Parkway when it is finally finished and opened. 

When does this stop?  Do we really need cell phones in Tuckaleechee Cove?  I own a cell phone that I carry on trips in case of an emergency.  I lost it sometime during a hunting trip three weeks ago.  It’s probably somewhere in my gear, I haven’t made a big effort to find it because I won’t use it anyway.

I told this nice fellow I don’t use a cell phone because I hate the towers. 

This tower will be visible from Townsend.  Maybe that would be better than seeing it from Dry Valley which is very rural.  A friend of mine is on the County Planning Commission.  I’m going to call him and get the whole story before I sign anything.

If everyone in Tuckaleechee Cove canceled their cell phone contracts, all 2,000 of us there would not be a need for these towers except for the tourists.  Cell phone service has been bad here in the past because we didn’t have towers.  Now that some towers have been built cell phone service has improved depending on which company you use.  Canceling 2,000 contracts might not stop the towers from coming but it would send a strong message to the phone companies. 

You can’t have it both ways though.  If you want the service you’ll have to put up with the towers until this is all done with satalites.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
November 10, 2009

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