Townsend, Tennessee
November 12, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  There are a few scattered clouds and the air is clear.  I can see for miles.  We were fogged in most of yesterday so this is a welcome change.  We are going to have some beautiful days in the Smokies for a while.  It’s going to be warm too.  We will have high temperatures around 70 degrees this weekend.  There is very little chance for rain for days.

Traffic is very light in our town.  Us locals have it pretty much to ourselves.  Weekends will be fairly busy, especially when there is a home football game at UT.  Thanksgiving week will be busy too, then Christmas, then New Year. 

The rivers and streams are still very high.  Little River is fairly clear but you can’t see the bottom hardly anywhere.  There is way too much water for that.  It dropped almost two feet since yesterday morning but it has a ways to go before fishing is doable.  Falling in Little River right now could have catastrophic results.  I was careful this morning just taking the water temperature.  You might find some small streams that are fishable.  I would try Anthony Creek near the Cades Cove picnic area.  That is usually a good place to go when the water is high.  The trout should be eating in the streams that are not blown out. 

The flow this morning in Little River set another record for this date, 1,680 cubic feet per second.  The former record was set in 1967 at 1,230 cfs.  Hopefully by the weekend there will be some streams fishing well.  The big rivers will still be high.

Investors and economists are showing signs of optimism.  The DJIA has had 6 straight days in up territory.  Yesterday, Toll Brothers, the nations largest builder of luxury homes reported an increase in their 4th fiscal quarter of 42%.  These are estimates.  The real numbers will be posted on December 3rd.  As a result of their performance, which stunned Wall Street, other stocks tied closely to home construction rallied. 

Other indexes are showing signs that the recovery is beginning.  New jobless claims are falling, lower than expected.  Productivity is rising.  I read somewhere in the Wall Street Journal last night that price for new U.S. homes was at $204,800 in September.  The record high was $262,000 in March 2007.

Lou Dobbs left CNN.  Lou asked the President of the news network to let him out of his contract.  He was the last of the original anchors.  His final statement left me thinking, “Will he run for the U.S. Senate or for President”, which will it be?  Listen and see what you think.

Jack, Ronnie, Roger, Frank and I are going to be deer hunting in Kentucky this weekend.  Jack and I are not planning to hunt.  We’re just going to take it easy while the other guys roll out and hit the woods before daybreak.  I quit deer hunting many years ago.  So did Jack.  But, I’m planning to start back next year.  I’m looking at rifles, planning to set up a range near our barn and make sure I’m worthy to pull the trigger on such a beautiful animal without doing something stupid. 

I love to eat venison, we hunt on some prime deer habitat that is private and safe and lately I’ve been getting back into hunting gradually.  It is funny how we change over time.  The rifle I’m looking at would be used at short range only.  I would have to pass up the long shots.  It is a 45/70 Marlin lever action.  I guess the game would be shooting somewhere between a muzzle loader and a 30/06.  The Marlin would be a great hog gun.  Hog hunters here like short rifles for close distances in dense growth.  Of course the most popular rifle around here is still the 30/30.  I have one of those.

This warm weather is not going to help the hunting.  We don’t care that much.  We just want to get together at the camp and have fun.  It will still be cold enough at night to use the woodstove in the cabin and build a campfire in the ring.  And, since our shower is outdoors it will be warm enough to use that fine feature.  I’m glad of that.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
November 12, 2009

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