Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is clear and cool, 42 degrees this morning in Townsend.  Traffic was light on my way to work, as usual.  Old Chevy was running on empty.  The message center said “Buy Some Gas Stupid!”  I pulled in the shopping center and bought $50 worth, about enough to last a month.  This is going to be a beautiful day and the river looked that way as well.  I was careful not to fall in at the swinging bridge.  The water temperature was 46 degrees. 

Flow is still high at 470 cubic feet per second.  Median flow for this date is 183 cfs.  I warned several anglers yesterday to avoid strong current.  The water is clear but cold. 

Fishing was slower yesterday than I expected.  I heard that from a few people.  Those who are experienced enough to target big browns might have had a good day.  I only talked to one and he was going, not coming back.  For the average fly fisherman though, I believe it was slow.  The trout have to be in shock.  The water temperature dropped 10 degrees from Wednesday morning to yesterday morning.  It is a little warmer today.

Nymphs are what I would use.  They would be heavily weighted too.  The trout that are not spawning are hanging near the bottom waiting for an easy meal and not willing to chase after food.  Bump them in the nose and they will eat.  Go over their head and you probably won’t even get a look.  I would use a Tellico, Prince or Pheasant Tail.  I might toss a Girdle Bug at them as well.

Customers did not camp out at our store on Thanksgiving eve.  They never do.  But I heard different from those trying to shop at the big box stores.  Ma and Pa don’t qualify I guess.  None of the other stores in Townsend had lines waiting to get in.  Maybe that is a “city” thing.  We did have a lot of customers in the shop yesterday and I appreciate all of you.

Yesterday I worked on a new Sage “ONE” page on our online catalog.  I found some misspelled words last night which is usual.  I’ll change them today.  You can see that page and more information about the fly rod by CLICKING HERE

There is something about a Sage One that is hard to describe other than it is accurate.  The second you make your first cast that becomes obvious.  I went to the Farbank FTP site yesterday and downloaded images and PDFs describing how to conform to the Sage way of branding.  By the way, Farbank is the company that owns Sage, Redington and Rio.  The PDF described how and why a ONE is accurate.  It’s a lot more believable when you cast one.  Come on by and try one out.  They are different.

I photographed a 6 weight and the tube yesterday then began the task of clipping the image away from the background.  I also noticed I didn’t get a lot of glare in the photographs. Either I was lucky or I remembered how to photograph a fly rod.  I have three large flash units that go off when I push the shutter button on my camera.  Nothing is hard wired.  My camera sends a signal to one of the lights and it sends a signal to the other two.  Then, all three go off at the same time as my camera.  There is a little box and antennae mounted to the top of the camera.  It’s kind of amazing.  The flash unit soft boxes are about 3 feet across.  One is attached to a long extendable and moveable arm.  The other two are on tall light stands.  Somehow, it all works.

I talked to a smallmouth bass guide from South Carolina yesterday.  His name is Dave Williams and his website is  He is an interesting guy.  We hare our love for smallmouth bass fishing.  We both made the statement, the same thing all smallmouth bass fishermen say.  “They never give up”.  I am looking forward to Spring.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
November 26, 2011

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Our fly fishing classes will be offered from March to October 2011.   To sign up just call the shop at 877-448-3474.  You can read more on our website in the Schools Section.  The fly fishing class schedule follows:

Saturday October 8 – Beginner Day One
Saturday October 22 – Beginner Day One
Sunday October 23 – Beginner Onstream Day Two

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