Townsend, Tennessee
December 6, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is 28 degrees which is warmer than what I remember the National Weather Service said it would be.  There is still some snow around the valley and in the mountains.  Yesterday was beautiful.  Some of the Park roads were closed for a while.  But that didn’t stop some anglers from going in to fish.  Townsend is quiet again today. 

The snow and cold temperatures didn’t stop Ross Shaver and Joe McGroom from fishing yesterday.  They were in the Park at daybreak.  When I got to work at 8:00 Joe’s truck was parked here.  They fished all day and got back here around 5:00 pm.  They both had a great day catching browns on streamers.  One of them mentioned a 19” trout but I don’t know if it was landed.  Ross and Joe were trapped for a while when the roads closed but by the time they were finished, the roads were fine. 

Little River’s water temperature is 40 degrees right now in town.  That is the mark where most trout activity comes to a crawl.  The brown’s have spawned and are hungry.  That is why fishing was good yesterday.  Also, the cloud cover and snow falling kept the streams dark.  That is not the case today.  The sun is bright.  The browns will be spooky and harder to catch.  The water is colder too than it was yesterday morning.

We had a lot of fly tyers at the shop yesterday.  There was a beginner fly tying class taught by Walter Babb going on and Jack Gregory was conducting a fly tying demonstration.  At times the store was packed.  Jack tied some dry flies with bodies made from 2 mm foam strips.  He colored the bodies with Prismatic markers.  He has never showed me that.  These flies float well.  He said he can pull them under and they will pop back up out of the water.  They looked great.  We pretty much sold out of foam.

Well, today is the day when we hold the Townsend Christmas Parade.  It is a perfect day for a parade.  And this one will take you back into time.  I think our parade is the best ever.  The real theme is rural America, not by design but by tradition.  I’m sure there will be a theme that was decided upon by the parade organizers but to most onlookers, it is a rural American event of important heritage significance.  You will see lots of antique tractors, antique cars, people on horses, probably a mule or two, bands of course, floats and lots of kids.  State Highway 321 actually closes.  And traffic backs up to wait.  People don’t seem to mind the temporary inconvenience.  After all, this is the Townsend Christmas Parade.  I guess Pat, our Mayor will be riding on a float.  He was in here yesterday but didn’t mention it.

Two years ago, Jim Casada was driving through Townsend and got caught in the parade traffic.  Instead of sitting on the highway he pulled in here.  I didn’t know him at the time but of course I knew who he was.  We talked for a while and he told me about the book he was writing about fly fishing in the Smokies.  A few months later he e-mailed the a Word document to me containing a draft of his book.  I read it and told him how much I enjoyed it.  Then, a few months later it was released.  We have sold over 300 of them so far in the past three months or so.  And, Jim became friends with me, Paula and Daniel.  He and I send e-mail to each other often.  I’m glad the Christmas Parade in 2007 brought us together.  Jim has already made his motel reservations to be here for Troutfest.  You will enjoy meeting and getting to know Jim.

I’ve been working on our website.  Right now the project is our home page.  That is the page many of you never see.  We can tell from the numbers that you have bookmarked the Message Board and the Fishing Report.  Well, I’m going to give you a reason to go to the Home Page.  That is the page most of our first time viewers see.  The home page will become more tackle sales oriented.  I swore I would never do that, but everyone else does.  We’ll still tell the story about our shop.  But the new people who visit our website for the first time will find out right away that we sell stuff.  I’m hoping to find new ways to make that page more important.  People need a reason to go somewhere so the Home Page needs some reasons.  I guess the home page needs to be more reasonable.  I’ll give you a reason right now.  CLICK HERE as a favor to me and check out the work so far. Then, check it out again tomorrow and view more reasonable progress.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
December 6, 2009

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