Townsend, Tennessee - Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, East Tennessee and Western North Carolina

Welcome to the Fishing Report from Townsend, Tennessee in the Great Smoky Mountains. At 5:35 am, the temperature is 32.4 degrees. This will be the last chilly morning this week. Night time lows will be in the mid 40’s through tomorrow, then climb into the 50’s this weekend.  High temperatures will be in the 60’s through Friday, and in the low 70’s Saturday through Sunday. There is no rain expected through Sunday.

Little River is flowing at 240 cubic feet per second (cfs) or 2 feet on the flow gauge.  Median flow for this date is 232 cfs. The water temperature is 45 degrees this morning.

Fishing in the Smoky Mountains will be fair today, then improve through the weekend as the water warms. This will be a great weekend to be fishing here. If you can, you should. The water temperatures in the low to mid elevations, will likely rise to and above 50 degrees. This is your chance for Spring-like fishing in the mountains, in December.

Nymphs will work well. Don’t expect any significant hatches. But, trout can be caught on dry flies and  that will be more likely by the weekend.

Tennessee Valley Authority will be generating all day today, full blast, at Norris and Cherokee dams. Hopefully, by the weekend, they will ease up some.

You may find some good lowland river fishing later this week. I’m thinking, the smallmouth bass could be active. 

The guys at the shop are busy filling and shipping Christmas gift orders. This time of year, customers have special requests for tackle we don’t usually stock. At this point, getting something from our manufacturers, with a before Christmas delivery, is not a problem. We’ve got some time. We are selling Gift Cards like crazy, like we would expect. If you need anything, call the shop at 865-448-9459. We are open 7 days every week, year round, except for 4 holidays.

Because the Post Office is right next door to our shop, which was intentional, we can ship 6 days per week, and we do. We don’t charge for ground shipping and haven’t for 18 years.

Don’t forget, Mike Bryant and Rob Fightmaster will be tying flies, demonstrating their skills and sharing their fly fishing knowledge with you Saturday, from 10 am until 2 pm. These guys are pros. This event is Free.  Just show up. Don’t miss the fun.

I have been working at home for about a year. Right now, I’m working on a huge web project and I now see light at end of the tunnel. I hope to be finished and launch early next week.

I can get a lot done here, because there are seldom interruptions. My office is small and crammed with things I use and enjoy every day. Of course there is a TV and a huge stereo. I’ve got a couple of guitars and an electric piano in here. I keep everything turned off during the work day, so I can concentrate.

I do have one problem though, that breaks my concentration. It is a 5’ x 6’ window, with a view of the forest. I cleaned out an area in the forest, about 2,000 square feet, behind the house and I can see most of it from this window. By cleaning out, I mean I cut the small trees and removed the low branches of the larger trees. The view is for the most part, unobstructed. All around that area are acres of thick forest, overgrown with vegetation, to a point, it is difficult to walk through. The trees and the forest begin, about 15 feet from this window.

I start working early, write the fishing report, then check and answer e-mail.  By the time I’m finished, it is close to dawn. Every morning at dawn, I go down to the boat house to get some seed to feed the birds. I go through 3 gallons of seed each day. I buy the seed in bulk, corn, black oil sunflower seed and white proso millet. And, every morning, I scatter the 3 gallons of seed on the ground in that area.

You would not believe what we see back there. A mineral block brings in deer. Bears wander through during the warmer months when I’m not feeding. Every kind of bird you can think of is out there, every day.  There are a ton of doves, that come in to eat the millet. Squirrels, chipmunks and other birds love the sunflower seeds.  Turkeys, crows and blue jays eat the corn.

When I’m working, I occasionally turn around to see what is out there.  Yesterday was unusual.  I turned around to look once, and every bird and animal were gone except one. There, just 40 feet away, a large, gray, beautiful coyote was standing, just staring at this window and probably me inside. The birds don’t notice me because of the glare on the window. This coyote saw something in here. Paula came in and checked him out. I was about to turn on the HD video camera mounted on a stand at the window. The coyote turned and walked off. The animals and birds came back quickly.

Almost the same thing happened again during the afternoon.  This time, a red-tailed hawk was on the ground. The squirrels didn’t seem to mind.  The doves were gone.  The hawk flew to several trees and stayed around for an hour or so hoping to see a dove. At one point, he perched on a limb, 20 feet from me on the lowest branch of a tree. I did shoot some video of that bird. I’ve never been that close to a hawk.

I have not seen a mountain lion.  Not yet.

I got a late start this morning. It is dawn right now. I can hear the crows.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
December 9, 2015

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