Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report from Townsend, Tennessee. Byron is off to a meeting with TDOT. There isn't much to report as far as fishing goes. As of 10am most all the road in Great Smoky Mountains National Park were closed due to snow and ice. The phone recording made it sound like you could get up to the Tremont Institute but we had a report that the gate was closed at the "Y" keeping traffic from turning that direction. Light flurries are still falling here in Townsend. There is enough snow on the ground to cover the grass. US 321 is clear but wet. There was some slush on the road in places but snow plows are out and as the day warms a bit that should clear. Side roads are covered in snow and will be very slick.

We are open this morning. Ethan's truck was in the parking lot this morning and there was tire tracks where his brother, Joe, picked him up to go fishing. They are hard core and will likely catch some fish today. If I had planned for months and travelled 1,000 miles to get here I would go fishing. Since I didn't and can go later in the week when it warms, I would crank up the heat, find a good book or a movie to watch and wait this one out.

People from the North scoff at Southerners for shutting everything down when it snows "a little". I feel qualified to comment on this having grown up in northern Illinois and having done some time in Minnesota. Winter and snow is different in the South. Take the temperature. 40 degrees in Minnesota is t-shirt weather while here it feels down right cold. It must have something to do with humidity. Atleast for me, when the air is dry it doesn't feel as cold. I have a bad habit of not dressing correctly for the cold now that I live here. In Minnesota it was standard practice to get up in the morning, put on an undershirt, long sleeve shirt and then something like a fleece or flannel shirt. Then before going out you add a vest or just put on the heavy insulated jacket. In the South it is freezing one day then 50 the next. It is hard for me to establish that habit of layering just to go to the store.
Driving in the snow is a whole different thing. Up North you have to adapt. If you can't drive in the snow you would never get out of the house in the Winter. Alot of it is just experience and confidence. Keep the front of the car in front of the rear and just go for it. Since living in Tennessee some of my Winter driving confidence has waned. I take it much slower now than I used to. Winter driving in the South can be hazardous. We get more ice than snow. The snow we get melts then refreezes making ice. I don't care how much money you spent on a 4 wheel drive or how fancy your tires are.....nothing lets you drive 50mph when the road is a sheet of ice. The terrain makes driving around here more treacherous on its own. In Minnesota or Illinois if you skid in the car and go off the road you end up in a ditch that you can get pulled out of. If you skid the car in the mountains or even the foothills you could end up flipped over and down a steep bank with nothing to alert the world of your situation other than quickly fading skid marks.
Ok well that is my snowy day rant. Drive slow and steady. Going 10mph will get you to your destination much faster than being sideways on the side of the road waiting for AAA.

Before you head to the mountains call their Road and Weather information line 1-865-436-1200. When you hear the message start hit 2 and when it starts again hit 2 again.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.  Stay warm and safe.

Daniel Drake
December 13 , 2010

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