Townsend, Tennessee
December 18, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is raining and the temperature is 35 degrees.  I’m looking out toward the Smokies right now and none of the mountains are visible.  The weather radar is indicating snow up there.  We should get some snow down here tonight and tomorrow morning but the Weather Service is reporting warmer temperatures so what snow we do get will be slush.  But, you never know.  Things change.  The mountains should get plenty of the white stuff.  I just hope we don’t stay fogged in for the next couple of days.  I bet we do.

If you go fishing plan on dragging big nymphs on the bottom of the stream.  Fishing might be OK but I think I’ll stay here and work.  It’s nasty out there!

In another week or so I’ll be ready for Spring.  Actually that happens to me after New Years Day.  I start thinking about bugs hatching, warming water, light colored green leaves and flowers popping out and I think about fishing.  I’ll throw in a little turkey hunting too.  That will happen sooner than later.  Sometimes Spring arrives here in late February. The defining moment here, to all of us is the Quill Gordon Hatch.  Soon after that the smallmouth bass move into the shoals and riffles.  Trout start looking up, not straight ahead.  Birds are singing, trees are blooming and trout are sipping.  Yea, I’m getting ready for Spring.  

We are busy as cats covering up you know what.  People are ordering gear from all over the Country and some of those customers have never shopped here before.  I overheard Bill Bolinger explaining to a customer on the phone where we are located.  The customer was from New York City.  Bill told him we were in the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.  This customer and others must have found our online catalog directly, and didn’t see the landing page that tells all about us.  I’m going to change our online catalog and put more information about us there. 

Salesmen are telling us that other fly shops, especially the Metro stores are slow right now.  Hopefully they will pick up this week.  Almost all of our business has been mail order for the last couple of weeks.  I’ve got a feeling, based on my own experiences this year that online buying has spiked.  I know I’ve been buying some things online and I hardly ever did until this year.  Our business is way up over the same period last year and it has been for several weeks.

A couple of days ago I was talking about how the internet has changed print advertising.  No doubt about that, it has.  It has changed other big industries too, music, movies and books.  I’ve been buying music online for several years.  I don’t do it often but maybe I’ll start looking at titles again.  I like buying one song after listening to part of it first.  That way I don’t have to buy a whole CD and pay for songs I don’t like. 

I haven’t done it yet but a lot of people download movies online.  I bet you can buy live concerts too.  I’ll check into that.  Look at where buying books online is headed. I’m not talking about ordering a printed version but downloading a digital book.  How has that changed the printed book industry.  If everyone walked around with a Kindle, think about what that will do to the paper industry and book or magazine printers.  And I wonder what effect that short list of companies that supply the digital versions will have on book sales.  That may narrow down the group of companies distributing books.  Think about the power they will have.

Our book business dropped off years ago.  I guess people buy them from Amazon.  I do, in fact I’ve got a copy of “Google Adwords for Dummies” coming in today.  And I’m thinking about ordering “Search Engine Optomization for Dummies” too.  You can probably tell by my book purchases I’m a dull person.  Maybe I’m a nerd.  I do love fishing and hunting though.  An angler and a hunter can’t be too dull.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
December 18, 2009


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