Townsend, Tennessee
December 20, 2009

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is overcast and cool this morning.  Little River is flowing strong at 475 cubic feet per second.  The water temperature in town is 42 degrees.  We got a little snow last night but the roads in and around Townsend are wet, not icy.  After tonight we will experience a warming trend with highs in the 50’s this week.  But rain will return Wednesday night and continue through Thursday.  Christmas Day should be nice with a high in the mid 40’s and low around the freezing point.

Joe McGroom came in yesterday after a successful fishing trip.  He caught some nice browns and a good rainbow.  This morning I pulled in the parking lot before 8:00 am and he followed me in.  Caleb was here and the two of them took of to fish.  They should have a good day.  It is overcast and the water isn’t extremely cold.  These guys are excellent anglers who have spent a lot of time on the Smokies streams during all seasons for years.  They can catch trout when the average angler can’t.

Fishing will be slow for most folks.  Looking ahead we might see an improvement later this week.  The warm rain on Thursday could help the fishing unless we get too much and the rivers are blown out.  The rivers are high now.  Joe and Caleb won’t be wading in deep water.  They know better than that.

I would stay near the bank and chunk weighted nymphs and let them skim across the streambed.  If you spot a fish try to get your nymph down to it.  If it is a brown trout your chances are better.  Try Abrams Creek near the Falls Trailhead.  The water will be warmer there.  The road to Cades Cove should be open.  Check with the Park by calling 865-436-1200 before making plans to travel through the Park.  The Weather Service warned of black ice in the high elevations this morning.  Some roads may be closed.

We are open and ready for business, or we will be at 9:00.  Business has been good this Holiday season.  We are way ahead of last year.  Website activity and sales are driving this surge.  More people are finding us for the first time.  Our local business and mail order from existing customers has been good too.  Things just seem to be going right.

People will start arriving in Townsend this week.  We will see a spike in tourism until after New Years Day.  Then, visitation will drop like a rock until Valentines Day.  Early Spring is slow to except for the fishermen who will be here if the weather is good and the stream levels are near normal.  If Spring comes early we are more likely to have a good year.  This business is very dependent on the weather.  In the fly fishing business, weather can make or break you.  And it does.

This year was abnormal.  We had a lot of rain and it seemed to pick weekends.  I’m not complaining though, I’ll take rain over drought anytime.  It’s time for customers to start coming in.

Ronnie and Steve came by and told me the Townsend entrance to the Park is closed right now.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
December 20, 2009

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